Which screen technology do you prefer?


Tough one, as they both have their pros and cons, and it really comes down to personal taste.‎

Below are just my layman observations, as I am not a technical expert when it comes to the various screen technologies.

AMOLED pros:
Colours pop
Screen visible at sharper viewing angles
Lower battery consumption
Great night vision
AMOLED cons:
Screen still visible at sharp angles for prying eyes
Hard to view in bright sun
Sharpness somewhat lacking
Text somewhat harder to read
LCD pros:
Incredible sharpness
Visible even in full sunlight
Colours appear more natural
Text easier to read
LCD cons:
Viewing angle limited
Consumes more battery
Somewhat harsh in low lighting, I like both screen technologies, although my preference leans toward the LCD screens of the Z10, Q5, Passport, Classic and Leap, as I find they just have that extra pop, crispness and sharpness vs the AMOLED screen technology of the Q10 and Z30.
‎Of course there are other factors such as pixel count and screen size that all play a part in the quality of the display.
I have played with and set up several PRIVs for friends and family, and the AMOLED screen on the PRIV is very impressive, likely due to the high pixel count and the newest generation of AMOLED tech. ‎Feel free to drop a comment below or head over to the UTB forums here


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