Where’s My Priv Update? BlackBerry Answers

The BlackBerry Priv reaches EOL…. sort of.

Alex Thurber has taken to Inside BlackBerry to reveal what’s in store, or not in store, for the Priv. The Priv has been in market for two years now, reaching the two year commitment BlackBerry made of support. As such, monthly security updates for the Priv are now ceasing. However, that’s not quite the end of the story.

Thurber explains in his post how BlackBerry’s method of securing Android leads to an operating system that not only secures the software in a much stronger way that can’t be found on other devices, but also alerts the user if an attempt is made to hack the device. Because of this, BlackBerry devices actually require less patching than non-BlackBerry devices.

But what if something arises in the future now that we’re not getting monthly updates? Well this is where BlackBerry is showing their true mettle. If a critical vulnerability is exposed at a later date, BlackBerry with their partners, will develop and deliver the needed patches. This is something that is just not found outside the world of BlackBerry.

Seeing monthly updates come to a halt on the Priv should really come as no surprise to users. The device is two years old now, and BlackBerry is no longer producing hardware, with that task being handed over to their licensing partners. The fact that BlackBerry is still concerned and willing to step in and correct any future vulnerabilities is a game changer. This is something that should make BlackBerry users feel secure in their choice of BlackBerry.


source: Inside BlackBerry


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