Where can you Pre-Order the KEY2 ?

Retailers starting to offer the KEY2 in Pre-Order!

Britain retailers first, 3 of the top UK retailers for smartphones began to offer the newly KEY2 in Pre Order. So if you want to buy the new device by BlackBerry Mobile you should do it quickly.

Clove Technology offers the KEY2 for £579 if you buy it in the UK, but if you deliver it to your country it will cost £482 before VAT (now it depend on your country rules). Clove offers both Black and Silver devices with 64GB storage space and the first stock they will get is due to June 25th.


Carphone Warehouse also offers the same variants like Clove, Black and Silver with 64GB storage. The price is £579 if you buy the device without plan. It can cost you £15.5 per month if you will pay in advance £539 with 2 years plan contract. They will start shipping on June 26th.

Carphone Warehouse

With Selfridges the story is almost the same. They offer the device for the same price as the others, and also the both Black ans Silver versions with 64GB. On Selfridges the Pre Order is only until the 27th of June.



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