When Will the B.S Stop? Deal With It and Move On Trolls!



I’m selfish, I want my stock in BlackBerry to realize it’s potential. I would really like the naysayers and trolls to admit that they were wrong.


Don’t be sad though trolls… ios is an outdated, dying platform . Troll them. Wait! This will be easy for you, all you need to do is tell the truth this time. Apple has done all the work.

Apple has been kind enough to provide you with a device (can’t call it a smartphone because it’s not) the costs a lot of money and doesn’t really do anything well except trick people into buying it.

It bends.

It can’t hold a charge.

It’s expensive.

It doesn’t do calls well.

It hijacks your phone number.

Sometimes your text messages go through, occasionally they don’t, but no worries, it doesn’t seem to bother the senders, they’re used to it.

It needs apps for anything you want to do with it. Which isn’t much, because Apple wants a piece of all pies.

Actually, they want more than a piece of all pies. They created an eco-system that is designed to keep the user within. It’s like in inescapable cult. Your trapped. You cannot leave with anything you’ve invested. If you dare get away you’ll have to fight to even retain your phone number because once you’ve joined the Cult of Apple it became theirs.

This my friends is a dream come true…how can you NOT help expose this sham?

No need to troll BlackBerry.

They’re innovative.

They have the most diverse collection of handsets.

The best OS.

Access to, but no need for, scads of apps.

The best battery life.

The best reception.

BBM does not hijack you phone number, not only that, it doesn’t require a phone number, making it even more desirable.

So…I’m waiting for my stock to go up, it’s the only place it can go… we are after all an intelligent lifeform.

The trolling will stop.

The stock will go up.






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