When Horror Goes Sci-Fi, It’s An Upgrade

The new trailer for Upgrade from the creator of Saw and Insidious.

There’s a new movie coming out from the twisted mind of Leigh Whannel. Whannel is known for his previous creations Saw and Insidious. His new movie Upgrade is a bit of a change. It’s not supernatural or horror. Instead, it is more of a science fiction story. But just because this touches into a different genre, it doesn’t mean that it is lacking in the gore his previous movies were known for.

The hero of the movie is paralyzed, and is given the opportunity to cure this paralysis through technology. With a computer chip implant, he is soon fully mobile. But it doesn’t stop there, the chip has it’s own AI that speaks to him. But wait! There’s more! The AI doesn’t only speak to him, it can take control of his body, and once it does, it gets bloody. Oh, let’s not forget, he’s also going to avenge his wife’s death.

Watch the new trailer below, but be warned, this is the Red Band trailer. That means that it’s not exactly a family friendly trailer, there is plenty of blood and violence in this trailer. And it looks great!


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