WhatsApp, Why Is It So Popular Again?

WhatsApp introduces a new feature that’s old news, and users find themselves incommunicado again.

WhatsApp never fails to surprise me. And it’s never a pleasant surprise. It’s no secret that I’m no fan of WhatsApp. I don’t use it. I don’t trust it. I certainly won’t install it on my devices. However, there’s no denying that it’s the most popular chat app out there. And I’m always left wondering how this happened. I usually find myself most shocked when I hear of the inordinate amount of outages, or when they release new features that I’ve already been enjoying for years on my platform of choice, BBM. This week, I was awarded with two such cases.

WhatsApp Fails Users

Once again, users found themselves unable to communicate over WhatsApp. This time, it wasn’t a service outage. The problem seemed to affect primarily users in India, and primarily users of Xiaomi devices. Users awoke on January 13th to find a notification that “This version of WhatsApp became obsolete on 13 Jan 2018”. Users were told in the message to go to the Google Play Store and download the latest version, however when they tried, they found out that there was no latest version. Apparently this issue was due to how updates were being handled on the backend. The end result though, was that users were once again unable to use the platform to communicate.

This is a new feature?

New features are great. We all love them. But really, how has it taken this long for this to show up? This last week WhatsApp has began testing a new feature. The new feature is the ability to demote group chat admins. Yes, you heard that right. Apparently prior to this test, once you promoted a user to a group admin, that is where they stayed permanently. I honestly can’t even remember a time on BBM that we weren’t able to demote group chat admins.

Thank you WhatsApp, once again, you showed me why I choose BBM.

source: Firstpost , Ubergizmo 


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