WhatsApp and Telegram are Banned in Afghanistan

This is a very interesting story, at least for me. Today, reports around the world claim that the Afghan Communication inspector ordered Whatsapp and Telegram banned from being used on Afghan soil. While Afghanistan isn’t the first country to do it, it seems that the reason is different somehow this time.

What’s happening in Afghanistan?

Since 2001, Afghanistan has been a free country, after the Taliban were demolished. Now, social media and communications people say that Afghanistan is modern then ever. So why is the government banning Whatsapp and Telegram? Could it be because terrorists still use it?

It would seem that the left overs of the Taliban and ISIS use those messaging apps. Afghan officials want to cut them off from using encrypted messaging apps.

While other countries that banned whatsapp and Telegram did so to control their citizens lifes, Afghans did it for security reasons.

Facebook and Twitter for example are still open, and you can use it as much as you want.

What do you think about the Afghan move ?


Roy Shpitalnik

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