WhatsApp Suffers Yet Another Outage

Didn’t we just have a major outage?

WhatsApp today suffered yet another major outage. The world’s most popular instant messenger is proving to be extremely unreliable. Having just suffered a global outage on November 3rd, the Facebook owned messenger didn’t even make it a month before it happened again.

It is being widely reported that the outage lasted about an hour, however a quick look at the Down Detector website will show you that at the time of this post, there are still large areas being affected in South America, Europe, Indonesia, and India. There is also a steady stream of comments reporting outages all day.

WhatsApp has by far the largest market share in terms of messenger app users, but I must ask why? All of their latest features are features which competing apps like BBM have had for some time, years even. But that is not the most important part of a messenger. What is most important, is reliability. We usually use messengers for simple chat. We shoot the breeze and catch up using these apps. But every now and then, emergencies occur. Sometimes, it is important that a message get sent and received. And WhatsApp has proven that this is not a service which can be depended upon. For times such as these, I choose BBM. It has never let me down. And sorry WhatsApp, I don’t have room, nor a need in my life for two messengers. I’ll stick with the one that works.


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