WhatsApp Suffers an Annoying Bug

If you’re receiving messages from blocked contacts, you’re probably on WhatsApp.

A new bug has been plaguing WhatsApp users. With the new bug, blocked contacts have been able to message users, as well as see their profile and status. User’s have taken to social media to voice their frustrations.

The issue does not seem to be affecting all users, and those that are affected seem to be reporting that it is primarily users that were blocked some time before. People that have been blocked recently appear to remain blocked. A workaround for those experiencing the issue is to unblock the user, and then block them again.

Bugs like this are not unheard of. Every platform will suffer bugs, and it seems that WhatsApp is reacting quickly in this instance. But this bug, just adds more confidence to my decision to use BBM and not WhatsApp. Why? Simply put, I don’t use a phone number for BBM.

With WhatsApp, phone numbers are used, and users can add you and see you simply by having your number in your phone book. Now, I know many that use BBM as their social media. And they may post things which may be perfectly normal for their friends, but may not be something that they’d necessarily want business contacts seeing. Now, blocking business numbers may be a great reason to get around this, but this bug, may have just negated those blocks.

Realistically, the same thing can be said for email addresses. Someone with your email address used to sign in to BBM can find you. In my case, for one of my BBID’s, I get a lot of invites from people that have come across my email address in public forums. I expect this, and don’t mind it. I do in fact block those invites. But with BBM, I control who sees my profile, status updates, and avatar. With BBM, I can easily use a standalone e-mail address to sign up instead of a business address or phone number.

As BBM keeps updating, the platform keeps giving me the proof I need to know that I made the right choice in platform. At the same time, the issues that plague other messengers continue to support that decision.

Source: NDTV


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