WhatsApp’s New Feature is Old News on BBM

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature which users will love. We know, because we’ve been using it on BBM for a while.

WhatsApp is now trialing a new feature. Well, new to WhatsApp. Not surprisingly, it’s something we’ve been enjoying for some time now on BBM.

WhatsApp users shall soon be able to edit and delete WhatsApp messages after they have been sent. There is a limitation though, this can only be done if the receiver has not yet read the message yet. That’s a limitation which BBM users do not have. We can retract and edit messages any time we like. We can also delete messages just from our phone, leaving them for other to see, as well as retracting images and stickers.

I wonder if WhatsApp will add those abilities someday?

For now, these features are still in an unannounced beta test on iPhones. Apparently WhatsApp is using the terms “revoke” and “edit”, as opposed to “retract” and “edit”. Presumably so as it doesn’t look like the features were borrowed from BBM.

WhatsApp may currently be the top messenger in terms of users, yet BlackBerry’s own BBM is still the leader in innovation.

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  • Sipo Kapumba

    WhatApp has a long way to go to reach the ease of use of BBM. I am sure they will keep improving it until it is almost at par with BBM. I use it because almost all of my contacts use it. Unfortunately, unlike with BBM, any stranger who has my number can easily contact me, even if the contact is unsolicited.