Whatsapp New Backup Will Not be Encrypted

The data that is supposedly encrypted in the app will not be the same when backing up in the cloud.

Until a few days ago users of Whatsapp were backing up the app in the Google Drive cloud services and it was an integral part of the free volume users get when opening a Drive account.

Today Google and Whatsapp have reached an agreement that the backups will be separately stored and not at the expense of the user’s volume. But there is a loophole, the information you upload to the cloud will not be secured as it is secured in the app. That is, if you back up conversations, images and what is not in the cloud, you have to take into account that the information there in case of hacking may fall into bad hands and there will be no protection in the application itself.

The issue of course applies only to Android users, because the iOS Whatsapp application backs up the application through Apple’s iCloud services (which has also been hacked quite a few times).

The new agreement will commence on November 12.


Roy Shpitalnik

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