WhatsApp Limits Forwarded Messages

WhatsApp has become a world leader in FakeNews. Facebook is hoping to fix that.

WhatsApp has come under fire in recent years for being a platform which is used for the spread of FakeNews. While rumors are easily spread, and chain letters promising riches or death are easily spread, there have been far more nefarious results than simple annoyances. It was only a few months ago that reports of 25 people were killed in India by angry mobs that had fallen for FakeNews.

Facebook owned WhatsApp is now attempting to combat the problem by limiting forwarded messages, and not only in areas where there have been problems. Yes, it’s another case of where the crimes of a few cause a problem for the rest of the world. WhatsApp is now limiting users to only be able to forward messages to five contacts at once, which will make the spread of FakeNews ever so slightly more annoying to those that spread it.

Now, if only we could make CNN only spread their news to five people at a time the world would be a better place.

Source: GSM Arena


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