WhatsApp is about to Get a Glympse of the Past

I’m always shocked to hear how behind the times the number one messaging app really is.

WhatsApp is bringing a whole new functionality to it’s users. Something which it’s users seem quite excited about. Something which is definitely convenient and a great update. Of course, it’s something which BBM users have had for over three years.

WhatsApp users will soon be able to share their real time location data with contacts. This live location sharing is shockingly new to WhatsApp. That’s right, the Facebook owned chat app, is just now getting live location sharing. BBM users such as myself that do not use WhatsApp will most assuredly be shocked that the number one chat app by user base is just now getting this functionality. This shock comes because we’ve had this ability since 2014 when BlackBerry integrated Glympse into BBM.

WhatsApp’s location sharing gives the user the ability to share their location with another user or group chat for three pre-determined time frames. The three time frames are 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. Beyond that, it is exactly what you would expect. A person’s location on a map shown in real time for the time period.

How does this compare with Glympse on BBM? On Glympse on BBM a user has the ability to share their location with another user or group chat (but not BBM Group) for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, or 4 hours. Beyond that, it is exactly what you would expect. A person’s location on a map shown in real time for the time period.

Once again, WhatsApp is playing catch-up to BBM. Sadly, even though they are way behind BBM in bringing the functionality to the market, they are also bringing a functionality that has less options when compared to BBM.

BBM for the win.



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  • Observation Junkie

    WhatsApp downloaded by billions of users while BBM is a mere stain on the shoes of Facebook. BlackBerry/ Emtek BBM is no longer an innovator and the BBM Android app is an embarrassment, yes that’s not shocking.

    Facebook may be following the same path as BBM and copying, welcome, that’s how Apple became a successful company. Copy and improve.

    Whatever your counter arguments, Facebook and Apple lead the way, while I reach for the binoculars and see how far BlackBerry is behind, oops I need more powerful binoculars.

    • Even when presented with occasion after occasion in which WhatsApp is years behind BBM, you still troll BBM claiming it’s behind.

      Luckily things like facts can prove opinion wrong.

      • Observation Junkie

        Oh dear, anyone who critises BBM is a troll ;) what like you’ve trolled WhatsApp / Facebook?

        Okay, why is WhatsApp still bigger than BBM? Why is there still such a low download rate for BBM as compared to WhatsApp, while BBM was created years before WhatsApp?

        Luckily things like facts can prove opinion wrong

        • No, you’re trolling BBM because you hit two BBM posts within minutes of each other to make the same angry complaints.

          If you’re speaking of market share I addressed that in the first lines of this post.

          If you want to know why, you only need to look at the beast which is Facebook in terms of users.

          You already know these answers. You used to make the points. Did BBM kill your kitten or something?

          • Observation Junkie

            Angry, trolling? Wow, you really do have a way with words. Brad, no need to get upset pal, sit down have a beer, cold shower or something.

            Market share equates success, as simple as that. Success because users chose to adopt it and continue to adopt it.

            Tech firms will keep up an eye on its competitors, where either copy and improve, or simply adopt the same thing.

            Glympse was not developed by BlackBerry, it’s a separate company, offering SDK/platform to 3rd party partners, ability to integrate Glympse functionality into applications, devices, and services.

            You already know these answers. Did you have a bad day at work? Anymore personal attacks?

            • Jeremy

              the bigger is better argument is rarely valid, the world is full of energy large “successful” entities only there because people lack vision and/or blindly follow others….. that’s how th Canadian PM got elected

              • Observation Junkie

                You’re right, that’s why I didn’t say bigger is better, but market share is what I said.

                We all know many companies with large market share which in reality offer inferior products and or services. But unfortunately thats the way the world works.

                • Jeremy

                  you do realize you just made my point?

            • No, Glympse was not developed by BlackBerry. Which is why I said BlackBerry integrated Glympse into BBM. You can also grab the Glympse app if you’d like.

              Market share equals success? You can’t enjoy any level of success unless you’re number one? Well, enjoy your Oppo then.

              • Observation Junkie

                Market share equaling success in monetary terms? Yes the more market share, the better the success rate is quite an accurate statement.

                We know that from BlackBerry, Apple to name a few companies. Both hit their peaks at one time, especially Apple, took a dip and is now back to being a very successful company. A combination of market share and pricing of its products.

                BlackBerry is still climbing back. I’m sure it’ll find its place.

                Facebook buying WhatsApp for billions of dollars, there’s a reason for that, which was probably it’s market penetration that probably dictated how much dollars to buy it for, and I’m sure a premium was included. Now by adding Glympse I’m sure is to satisfy it’s user base.

                So back to Glympse, WhatsApp adopting this piece of service from another company who markets Glympse to anyone who is interested is no big deal. I’m sure there were many early adopters before BlackBerry.


                • The point is that yet again, the “exciting new feature” Whatsapp is bringing out is years only on BBM.

                  Oppo is the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world in terms of marketshare.

                  • Observation Junkie

                    Yes the “exciting new feature” will be new and exciting for hundreds of millions on WhatsApp, who have never experienced BlackBerry BBM and Glympse.

                    Just like “exciting new features ” of video posts in BBM, especially in groups, then to be told by someone else that Telegram had already had this in their messaging app.

                    As you can see, BlackBerry, or in this case Emtek adopting a feature already used by another company.

                    I have not adopted and permanently used WhatsApp and Telegram, but tried both out for a week. There is a good argument why both are successful, especially Telegram which is becoming successful.

                    Oh, before you troll me, yes, I’m still using BlackBerry, BlackBerry Passport as my main device (with another 2 brand new in a box) and Priv as my secondary device.

                    • Let’s try this again for those that didn’t catch the point of the post.

                      WhatsApp, the number one chat app in terms of marketshare, is years behind BBM in terms of functionality.

                      There you go, Cliffs Notes version.

                    • Observation Junkie

                      Functionality…….a word used in very vague terms in regards to overall features in both messaging apps.

                      Wonder what percentage of WhatsApp users have read the post?

                      But you’ve made your point in Cliffs Notes version…..

                      Better to have posts as to why BlackBerry/ BlackBerry related products are better, and not why other mobile vendors/ software providers are terrible.

                      All effective marketing is based on why own product is better and not how others are behind the times.

                      But, you run the show……

                    • Not vague at all. I’m quite specific in several posts now. I’m specifically speaking to “new functionality” which WhatsApp markets and WhatsApp users are excited about, that are more than a few years behind, and also isn’t up to par with BBM, as detailed in the post as to why. Therefore, how BBM is better.


                    • Observation Junkie

                      Be sure 1 billion WhatsApp users see your post ;)

                    • well I know I got at least one all hot and bothered. :)

                    • Observation Junkie

                      Hot and bothered? Wow, your imagination runs beyond the relms of reality :)

                      Good luck

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    • Jeremy

      such a poet