WhatsApp Founder Says #DeleteFacebook

Mark Zuckerberg has had one Hell of a week.

This week has seen Facebook on all the headlines. And not in the way which founder Mark Zuckerberg would like. With the recent scandal concerning Cambridge Analytica collecting user info on 50 million Facebook users back in 2014. Since the news became headlines, governments have began questioning Facebook’s practices, and it seems there may be several government headlines heading their way. Stock prices have tumbled, and investors have began filing lawsuits against the social media giant.

On top of all this, a new trend has grown in popularity. Marked with the hashtag #deletefacebook, users have been doing just that in droves. And they’re not doing it silently, they’re taking to other social media platforms to let other’s know that they have left, and are pushing for others to do the same. Surely Facebook feels the sting of one of those departures a little more than others.

That exit is none other than WhatsApp cofounder Brian Acton. The WhatsApp creator had previously sold the chat app to Facebook for an astounding $19 Billion had continued working with Facebook right up until September of last year.

Acton took to Twitter and delivered three simple words. “It is time” accompanied by the now popular hashtag.

Who will be next to #deletefacebook?

Delete Facebook Founder


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