WhatsApp Fails New Year Revelers, BBM Delivers

As WhatsApp readies to switch off access for BB10 users, the service suffers a bit of karma.

In the waning hours of 2017 people were doing as people do. They were wishing their friends a happy new year. Of course, the world has changed quite a bit in the last few decades. No longer are we limited to wishing only those we’re standing next to a happy holidays. We’re not limited to landline phone calls. No, thanks to the wonderful world of technology, we now have friends all over the globe, and there’s nothing holding us back from celebrating with other’s that are can be standing on the opposite side of the world. As long as that technology works.

WhatsApp has determined that several OS’s are no longer worthy of their services, and they promised that as 2018 began they would be cutting these services off. Unfortunately for WhatsApp, and for their customers, as the old year gave way to the new, the app suffered yet another global outage. As people attempted to wish their friends and family a happy new year, they learned that the service they were depending on had failed them. Again.

Personally, I wasn’t affected. Every one of my well wishes found it’s intended recipient. I was able to wish all that I hold dear a Happy New Year, and never once had to wonder if they would receive it. I stayed connected through the night’s festivities thanks to the service I choose to use, which is not WhatsApp. No, I choose BBM, and every year, every holiday, every celebration, and every emergency, my messages are delivered and received.

Without fail.

Every single time.

As the world’s most popular messenger app continues to have outage after outage, I wonder how long it will maintain it’s position of dominance. I wonder how long before people realize the most important function of a messenger app is reliability? I wonder how long before we begin to see BBM’s user base grow with those that come to this realization?

It’s a new year. Let’s hope that 2018 is the year of BBM.


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