WhatsApp Discontinuing BBOS and BB10 Support by the End of 2016


For those BlackBerry fans that use WhatsApp, support for both the BBOS and BlackBerry 10 platform will be discontinued by the end of 2016. According to the WhatsApp Blogs, support will be discontinued for the following mobile platforms

  • BlackBerry, including BlackBerry 10
  • Nokia S40
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Android 2.1 and Android 2.2
  • Windows Phone 7.1

The one thing that I found to be disheartening was the quote below:

While these mobile devices have been an important part of our story, they don’t offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app’s features in the future

For the BB10 operating system, I don’t believe that this is the case. BB10 right now is the most modern, feature rich fully capable “out of the box”  operating systems out there, so to me that reason is a cop-out. While there are some out there who don’t use this app, I do believe that discontinuation of support for this app will be the loss of a very widely used multi-platform app in BlackBerry world at a time when they could least afford it.

In BlackBerry world, it was one of the apps that was regularly maintained by the developer and received several updates and fixes throughout the last year, so to many their commitment to BB10 was never in doubt.

For my specific use case, I mainly use BBM, but I do keep in touch with a lot of family members and some close friends who are on other platforms via WhatsApp. Now some in our community, including fellow UTB member Simpleberryroy in his blog post  have chosen not to use WhatsApp and I respect their decision. In my specific case, I have made the suggestion to family members to download and try switching to BBM, but realistically there are many that will not, so I continue to use it as I am not prepared to break communication over choice of messaging platform.

My hope is that WhatsApp reconsiders this decision and continue to support BB10, but I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Source: WhatsApp Blog


Web99 enjoys tech and has tried smartphones on all the major platforms. Out of all devices he has tried, BlackBerry10 best fulfills his needs.

  • bartron

    In other words, BB10 won’t allow Whatsapp to mine all your data (for good reasons), so Whatsapp is cancelling support for BB10. Good ! The fewer people who use it, the better.

    • Martin

      This ^^^ BlackBerry’s BB10 is too modern and secure to allow data mining of its users.

    • web99


      You are missing the big picture. There are many on BB10 who actually use WhatsApp. It is one of the best supported apps in BlackBerry World and very widely used on other platforms. By not having it available in the future, it gives prospective BB10 users less reason to buy a BB10 device. And the whole argument about data mining…whenever someone sends you a sms or you get a group sms message you see all the numbers

      • Martin

        I do agree with your point regarding app support for BlackBerry and the users that chose to use WhatsApp, it sucks, and apparently WhatsApp doesn’t give a rats ass about those users. However I disagree on the data mining point, WhatsApp data mines much more than just your number…this is why I chose not to use WhatsApp and very seldom use sms, as I don’t share my number…that’s the whole point for using BBM, you’re sharing a PIN not your number.

    • veeru789

      Good point.

  • Jope28

    The part quoted in the post is also the part that caught my eye.

    But then I remember reading in some forums over and over again developers complaining about BlackBerry not updating their developer tools.
    Could that be part of the reason for Whatsapp taking this “… don’t offer the kind of capabilities…” stance?

    Whatsapp decision does sound like a cop-out anyway, because they will continue to support Jellybean and BB10 is its contemporary.

    Probably just about number of users or amount of downloads they saw for their app.

  • Atmari

    That’s some lame excuse to stop supporting platforms…

  • Alan

    I don’t use it.

  • Alan

    Not installed in my Passport.

  • E

    It’s sad to see BlackBerry lose any support. At least we still have BBM. It may be less popular, but it’s far superior in both security and functionality.

    • Martin

      I agree E, it’s sad to see WhatsApp abandon their user on BlackBerry. Hopefully BlackBerry takes this opportunity to showcase and promote the many advantages that BlackBerry has to offer.

  • Anthony

    I could fucking care less if WhatsCrap is gone… locco_smiley_36

    If your zombie contacts can’t use BBM…fuck-em… locco_smiley_36

    • Chaplain_Clancy

      Sorry mate. As much as I usually enjoy your frankness, I think that this is the point being made. You might not care, but you aren’t everyone. The author has given a need which is beyond his control so there is a need. I agree with the fact that the reasons are lame and most likely it’s because BB10 doesn’t have the market that Whatsapp believe they need to be profitable. I also see this as an extension of Facebook’s decision to stop supporting BB10 apps. Many have been asking why Facebook don’t update their app. Maybe we’re starting to see why.

      • ray689

        Facebook never had an app for BB10. The one that isn’t being updated is made by BlackBerry themselves and they haven’t bothered updating it.

  • SipoKapumba

    I’m sure the last version they will produce for BB10 will continue to work for a while. I’ll continue using it until it fails, otherwise, I will encourage my contacts to get BBM. I might also get the Priv when WhatsApp stops working on BB10.

  • DickLewis13

    Never used Whatsapp, yet always disappointing when apps drop BlackBerry support.

  • KING_Kia

    Who cares?

    The same …T as fACEbOOK.

  • I suspect there to be the whiff of retaliation against DTEK here…

    • Martin

      I suspect you could very well be right…

  • scott-reid

    I think Biggly hit the nail on the head. I got rid of it as soon as BBM went cross platform.

  • shaun

    Just another nail in the BB10 coffin, what ever you think of What’s App it’s a Big Name App, I don’t use it but some do and this is A shame for those who like using it.

    • Brad

      They were talking about the coffin two years ago, and a year ago, they’ll still be trying to hammer nails in it next year. They might as well just fill it with nails, because BB10 isn’t laying down in it.

  • fishlove73

    I personally don’t use WhatsApp so it doesn’t impact me. However, since I am older, I always find it amazing how “Tech people” talk about capabilities of ANY device without having used them AT MINIMUM a couple of weeks and maybe some blogging in between. I love BB10, use BB10 and even I ( a novice) have tried different platforms while asking questions to make determinations of which works best for me. Course, BB10 has been the winner for me since 2014.
    When I ask for specifics in terms of capabilities or which App’s they use for “work” with users of other OS’s …its not to often at all that I can’t find something to run on my Passport. If a company insisted that I use ONE certain App for the Job…THEY would be purchasing the Droid or Icrap to use during my working hrs.


    WhatsApp? I was and remain, blissfully care free, about whether or not this app even exists.

  • veeru789

    First, this doesn’t mean whatsapp will stop working on BB10.
    Second, there’s always the android app from Amazon
    So stop panicking.

    • web99


      It’s all about perspective, not just about preaching to the choir.

      For new users, or those from other platforms who are used to getting their apps from the local app store, it will matter as it will no longer be in BlackBerry World once support is pulled.

      Like it or not it is a big name app, so it’s absence gives new prospective users a reason to pass on BB10 if it is an app that they use on a regular basis.

      For seasoned BB10 users like ourselves, who are used to downloading the apk or even installing Snap or Google Play on our devices, it will not matter.