Introducing WhatsApp Colors! Don’t Do It.

A new offer is rolling out to WhatsApp users. Unfortunately, it’s malware.

Introducing WhatsApp Colors! User’s are being offered a new option for “New colors for WhatsApp” which will allow users to change their app to their favorite colors. Unfortunately, this is not coming from WhatsApp, is actually malware, and won’t be changing any colors.

The new offer is a form of adware malware. The offer pops up with a URL that looks almost right. It says after all. However, the font looks just a little off. That is because these are actually Cyrillic characters, and things are not as they appear.

If the user chooses to take the offer, they are asked to invite 12 friends or 7 groups, essentially spamming others with the same offer. The user then is forced to download adware malware onto their phone. But it doesn’t stop there. The user is also told to download a new extension to their desktop browser prior to actually being able to use the new WhatsApp Colors offer. That of course, installs adware on the user’s desktop. After all this adware has been installed on the user’s systems, they are still unable to change the color on their WhatsApp.

Are you a WhatsApp user? I would suggest not falling for the colors offer. Really though, a much better suggestion would be to simply leave WhatsApp behind, and join the rest of us on BBM.

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