What’s Your Favorite BBM Feature? The Survey.

We asked for your favorite BBM feature. Now let’s find a winner.

Two days ago we asked what your favorite BBM feature was. After all, there are so many now. What was once merely a chat application has turned into a full fledged social media platform.

It is doubtful that many of us fully use what is available to us. In fact, there are many times in BBM groups where someone will discover a feature which they didn’t even know existed before. At the same time, we all have favorite features which we simply cannot do without.

We wanted this to be an exercise which would discover what those favorite items are, and would serve as an education to some about some features that may not exist. While we didn’t get the number of responses I was hoping for, we certainly got some varied responses, and surely have enough to run a survey to name the favorite feature of BBM.

Let’s first run through some of the features that were mentioned, but didn’t make it into the survey.

D & R: This one is the OG of BBM. The Delivered and Read notifications on messages. On each message we send in one on one chats we can be sure that the message was delivered, and we can see if it’s been read. While this is great to let you know that your message has reached it’s intended recipient, we also know it can also lead to frustration when that person doesn’t reply.

Voice Notes: Sometimes your typed words just can’t convey the tone you’re aiming for. Sometimes, you can’t get your hands free to type a message. Sometimes, it would just be faster to say it than to type it. Or perhaps you’re on an iPhone and you’re tired of people making fun of your typos. In each of these cases, a voice note can work wonders. Simply hit the microphone, say what you want to say, and your voice note is delivered to your BBM contact or group.

Video/File transfers: We have the ability to transfer files and videos to others. Recently, the size limit on these transfers were increased, and even more recently, with BBM “Super Groups” we have the same functionality in groups that used to be only for one on one conversations. This is a truly handy feature for anyone that’s ever been frustrated by a file that just won’t fit in an email or text message.

BBM Stickers: Who thought that stickers would become as popular as they are. There was a time when we knew stickers were coming that the general consensus was that this was a feature aimed at the prepubescent crowd. It’s amazing how many middle aged men have become addicted to stickers.

Edit & Retract: This was a feature that we wanted for years. We’ve all accidently sent a message to a wrong contact or group. I know someone, who shall remain nameless, that does it almost everyday. We call the process “Pulling a Ray”. Likewise, typos can occur. And it’s much easier to simply correct the spelling, than suffering days of people stating what you said doesn’t matter because of a typo, like what occurs in every single Twitter discussion.

BBM Voice and Video: How nice is it to be able to speak to friends in far off places without having to pay long distance rates? Speaking to someone on a different continent and don’t want to worry about how much time you spend on the phone? Well BBM is there for you. And when the voice isn’t enough, and you want to see the person? BBM has you covered. BBM, actively fighting catfishing for you.

Link Previews: This is a really new feature. In one on one chats, and in the new BBM Groups, you are presented a small preview of shared links. Besides just being a more attractive way to share links, it will often grab the attention of people which wouldn’t have otherwise clicked the link. At the same time, it can serve as a warning not to click that link from Robert that he dropped without telling us what it was.

Muting: Sometimes someone can be annoying. You know what I’m saying. It’s not someone that you want to delete. After all, you may need to speak to them sometimes. But not right now. Definitely not right now. When that happens, and you know it does, you can simply mute the contact, and your obsessive compulsive disorder won’t force you into a long drawn out conversation that you didn’t want to have.

Now, let’s talk about the features which made it into the survey, in no particular order.

Glympse Integration: Share your location with Glympse. We had been able to share our static location for years on BBM. With Glympse, you’re able to share a live location. No more asking “are you here yet?” You can simply give your location and see how far away they are. Glympse can be extremely handy in a variety of situations, and having it integrated into BBM saves us from having another app on our phone.

BBMoji: We know people love stickers. We know people love GIFs. Combine the two and put your own face on them? This is an instant winner. I don’t think I have ever seen a feature so immediately adopted by so many on BBM.

BBM Channels: It’s a social media platform within BBM. BBM Channels allows users to create their own channels which can be used for the same things you would use a Twitter or Instagram account for. Or perhaps to start your own brand, or share funny memes, or even for private sharing between family and friends. BBM Channels is whatever you make it, and it resides right inside out favorite messenger application.

And there are the features that got the most responses to the question, “What’s your favorite BBM feature?”

Now is the time to vote, and pick a winner.

In the contest of BBM features, which will become victorious?


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