Whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

I know, I know… New kids on the block and all… But what the Heck? Here we are, just weeks into an amazing project, and look…



Everybody on the team is proud. Kudos again go out to Brandon Orr, the awesome developer of Pinguin, for making our app! Yeah yeah… we know fame can be fleeting… but… just look! In such a short time!

Brad… take a bow for starting this. Everybody take a bow! We LOVE what we do! And we do it for fans of BlackBerry. We are united in our dedication and desire. We won’t stop reporting the truth, the reality… with humour and grace (well maybe no grace on my part).

Go get this UTB app people!!!

Oh… and get your butts into our growing forums too! Clicky here!



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