What type of Passport user wouldn’t give it a great review?


Or should I ask, what type of Android/iPhone user?

With all of the media ignorance regarding the Passport, the best place to find the truth is by asking the actual user.

Amazon user reviews so far have averaged 5 stars which is, well…

As you can see, out of 341 reviews, 296 give it 5 stars! That’s an overwhelming majority and landslide victory for the Passport especially considering that the almighty iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 have averaged only 4 stars,

So rather than read through the myriad of accolades, I became interested in what is wrong with the eight people who gave it one star?

Based on the few one star reviews I’ve taken it upon myself to provide a character profile of each of the characters in the peanut gallery so that you, dear reader, may decide if the detractors have any merit:

The Lemonhead
I purchased a Blackberry Passport out of Singapore last week during a business trip from Bangkok. It worked fabulously for the first couple of days; I really loved it. I loved the form factor, tactile typing and the sturdiness.

Unfortunately, the unit’s sensors (light and proximity) have all failed. I am unable to type due to no backlighting of the keyboard. A fatal flaw for a Blackberry. I’ve tried all of the known remedies (restarting/wiping/retesting) as outlined on the Blackberry forums. Unfortunately, they too, do not work.

After calling the service center in Singapore, I am now resigned to Fedex’ing it back to Singapore, at my own expense, less than one (1) week after buying it. I have to say I am extremely disappointed with the product quality especially after giving Blackberry a 2nd chance to earn my business. Given all the positive initial notice and interest the Passport received from my corporate colleagues I cannot now recommend the Passport given the failure and hassle to get it fixed.

It’s a real shame as I really liked it. I’ll go back to my iPhone in the interim.

Hopefully, it will come back fixed and in proper working order.

It’s a real shame as I really liked it.

Hmmm this guy got a lemon. It happens. You don’t have to read all that, just the last line. He liked it. So, how hard is it to figure out that you’re supposed to return it and get a good one? Lemonhead or drama queen? You decide.

The Swamp Rat

swamp rat

I had this phone for a month. I like many features on it, but one day it started raining in NYC, and after, the phone has not worked properly and is ruined. All I did was walk in the rain for a few minutes. This has never happened on the iPhone. The iPhone you can take with you anywhere, rain or shine. There is no excuse for this phone to be that sensitive to water when other companies are making their phones waterproof. IF YOU LIVE IN A PLACE THAT HAS ANY RAIN, DON’T GET THIS PHONE!!

I don’t know what to say. Who told you it was waterproof Mr. Rat? Try an umbrella. It will also keep your clothes dry. Unless you like BBMing while snorkeling of course.

The Dog Ate my Homework


As someone who has been using Blackberrys over a decade I was excited to retire my exiting BlackBerry Bold and replace it with the new Passport. While the unit looks great on the website and the website touts it’s capabilities, I must say how disappointed I was when I received this unit and used it for — ahh!, less than a week. I am very disheartened for the fact that Research-In-Motion/BlackBerry has missed yet another opportunity to get back in the game.

The new Passport is one bulky, heavy and user UNfriendly device. The one and only feature that draws us BlackBerry fans to these devices is – the built-in keyboard. It boggles my mind how BlackBerry product team keeps on screwing up with that key differentiator. The new Passport is no exception to this disastrous implementation of the “new” keyboard. Here are the top three issues that I faced before returning the unit: 1) You needs both hands to type anything on this device due to it’s size especially it’s width. No way it fits into any regular size pocket (in your jeans/pants etc.). You will ruin your jacket’s pocket if you keep the device in it for a longer period as it is too heavy. 2) The keyboard orientation is such that one will have really hard time to bend one’s thumbs to type longer messages. 3) The User Interface has left much to be desired. I am not sure if BlackBerry got rid if it’s initial designers and started fresh because it seems that they ended up throwing “baby with the bath water”.

I hear that the company may be coming up with the new Bold early next year. Amongst all the smartphone choices in the market place I am usually made fun of using this archaic device. However I will continue to use my BB Bold and will wait with baited breath for the new enhanced Bold until then hoping they will not messes up the third time.

umm..this guy didnt do his homework before purchasing. He didn’t know he was buying a phone that required two hands to type, and that it was wider than the average phone? Sorry, no sympathy. Fail.

The Conspiracy Theorist

Hasn’t anyone noticed that all these reviews are doctored!!! They all have the same language, go into lengths about how magnificent the BlackBerry is and comparisons to iphone.i
Really ridic if this is the lengths BlackBerry are taking to sell their phone.
As a devoted BlackBerry user, I’m disappointed.

The Google Goggler

BlackBerry is about productivity. No google services? The most efficient mapping software not available on this device and even apple was smart enough to concede to google maps on their device.

Amazon app store good step but how about the real thing, how is an app store like amazon a better choice than google play store?? Of course amazon wants you to buy into their ecosystem but why BlackBerry, either they want to sell to bezos or just another bone head BlackBerry decisions. Also in what reality does a phone lacking google services get 5stars? These reviews are faked by the Amazon sellers, would you buy a phone without google nav, google apps, uber, maps etc and rate it the best phone.

This is the user who sees the world through Google Goggles. Such a user is so entrenched (trapped) in the snare that Google/android has set for them that they see no way to escape. All I can say is in the nicest possible way is… you fell for it sucker! Keep your Android and stop wishing the phones weren’t junk.

And finally, we have the conspiracy theorist who wears both a tin foil hat AND Google Goggles:

Ok first I think you can only take those reviews serious that actually bought a unit, the others are fake (shame on you BB). Because other than online here it’s virtually impossible to get this unit.

Now the device, this could have been an awesome device if they
a) would have just put android on it. or
b) use BB OS but actually have the android apps work

yes they claim you can run android apps on it, what no one says is that 90% of the apps a regular business person actually uses don’t work – and I tried everything, side loading, hacking, patching google services.. EVERYTHING. Here’s the skinny.

GMAIL app, forget it, you can get it working with the hacks..but it crashes whenever you write an email – ok you can imap gmail in the email app if u like the latency, the crappy UI and archive and spam and priority and all those other useful features removed.

CALENDAR – didnt get google calendar to sync not even into BB

GOOGLE DRIVE/KEEP – for notes, files.. same thing won’t work

GOOGLE MAPS – you can hack it and it works ok but you miss features, without hack it annoys you with error messages

HANGOUT – won’t work, despite hacking and patching and trying anything

So you can kiss the entire google ecosystem goodbye.. quite frankly it’s beyond me why they would do that. And the Amazon store is a joke.

The device is nice, and could have potential – but no google services – really blackberry… you could have been the ONLY android phone with a keyboard out there, instead you’re some crippled in between that does everything about 80% – hope a future OS update can fix that..and I’ll change this review.

Until then stay away from this brick.. if you like any of the google services… because they won’t work… or just give me android… that actually works.. not this bastard bb os / half android where each doesnt do the things right it should.

So in composite form, what kind of creature doesn’t rate the Passport well?

A lemonheaded swamp rat who wears Google Goggles and a tin foil hat that doesn’t do their homework. Sound anything like an iDroidian in your neighborhood?


I am a long time BlackBerry user and fan. Beginning with the 7520, I have recognized the value of subtle productivity enhancements in BlackBerry devices for business communication and have never since strayed. Even when the iPhone took the market by storm, I was unimpressed, because it did nothing to help my business needs. Currently enjoying my one handed dream phone, the Classic! BB10 with a toolbelt! Today I contribute to UTB whenever I feel that I can help enlighten someone on the benefits of using BlackBerry over any other platform.