What Makes You Choose BB10?


Earlier tonight we were having a conversation in the virtual offices of UTB (our BBM group of course) and Robert asked what makes BB10. There’s a lot to BB10, and I think that most of us will have completely different reasons as to why we choose BB10.

I tend to think the number one reason people choose BB10 is security. It’s obviously the reason why governments choose it. Security is the first thing people speak of when talking about BlackBerry, and it’s BlackBerry’s top focus. I love the fact that I feel safe using my BlackBerry. I feel safer using my BlackBerry than any other device I own. My information is secure with BlackBerry, but it’s not the first thing I think of. When I get a new BlackBerry I don’t immediately think security. Without wanting to sound like an iPhonian or an Androidian, I don’t think I’m much of a target. I doubt anyone of any importance would want my information. Granted, another site owner recently researched me at least enough to get my age, but I’m just assuming he’s planning for my birthday gift. After all, he did forget last year. Just a hint Lucas, if it starts with an ‘i’, I don’t want it.

So security is important to me, but that’s not the primary reason I choose BB10. What is it that keeps me salivating over BlackBerry? In simplest termms, the UI. The BlackBerry 10 workflow is unlike anything else out there. It is the absolute model of efficiency. Yes, there are icons on the screen, you touch them to open them, just like Android and iOS, and that tends to be what users of other platforms stop at, and then think it is the same. But there are two more aspects that make BB10 rise above the rest. The Hub and the share function.

The Hub is not a notification bar. The Hub makes the notification bar look stupid. There’s no other way about it. All my messaging in one place. Twitter, several email accounts, Facebook if you use it (I don’t), alerts, and of course, most important of all, BBM, all together. I’ve heard reviewers from other platforms say it can be overwhelming and confusing. To which I say hogwash. There is a truth to the Hub that all BlackBerry users get, and non-BlackBerry users don’t, we don’t have to touch our apps! As other platforms click away at their notifications and watch as the apps open so that they can reply to that message, we can keep in constant communication without ever having to open an app! From anywhere in our phone, a simple swipe brings up our hub, and we don’t need to worry about this app working differently from that app. The introduction of the Hub was THE game changer, taking efficiency to levels the other platforms never dreamed of.

Sharing on BB10 can be shocking at times. Why shocking? Because several times, I find myself chatting away in a BBM group, and realize I’m doing it from the photo app or the web browser. That’s right, BlackBerry users know what I’m talking about. It’s not like sharing in other platforms where the device basically copies whatever it is your sharing to a clipboard then opens the other app to paste it in. If I share a photo to a BBM group, it will open the BBM group WITHIN the photo app, where I can continue chatting as if I was in my Hub or BBM. And this can be done throughout our phone. Efficiency at its finest showing the true power of BB10.

This is what makes my BB10. This is why #iChooseBB10. What’s your reason?


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