What Is Your Desert Island BlackBerry Device?


Many of us BlackBerry fans have a collection. I was going to call it a problem, but collection sounds better, so… yeah. Anyway, the thing is that a bunch of us like to swap devices and run something else from our “collection” every once in a while.

What I want to know from you is which BlackBerry handset would you choose if you could only pick one, and why?


I started out with a 9550 Storm 2. That device ended up doing a Greg Louganis into the Pacific Ocean. I’ll never forget seeing that screen still lit up as it went down to the bottom.  Undeterred, I hopped right on to a 9800 slider the very next day which I still have.

Intrigued by the incessant flow of information about BB10 development in 2012, and having owned a Playbook since launch day in 2011, I hung on every word.

Of course, as addicted as I am I went for the Z10 on launch day again in 2013. Then on to Z30 I went, and on to the powerhouse Passport.

I had to try the Priv, and so here I sit with it being my daily driver over the past couple of months. But like I said, I want to know from you gentle readers. What would be the single best BlackBerry device for you if you could only have one on your desert island?

Would it be the venerable 9900 with it’s killer keyboard? How about the slim and portable Z10, or the first PKB on BB10, the awesome Q10?

Z30 with the best stereo speakers ever?

Killer Passport SE?

Sound off below and let me know. So many quality choices.


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