What Happens When We Don’t Want Apps Any Longer?



Are we approaching the app ceiling? CNBC.com shows us that we just might be. And it’s not just a theoretical question thrown out there, they have the numbers that beg the question.

  • Almost a third of smartphone users do not download any apps in a typical month
  • 90% of people say they never spend money on apps
  • The number of users who do not download apps has increased to 31% up from 20% last year.
  • For those that do download apps, the number of apps downloaded has decreased from 2.32 to 1.82

Now, there hasn’t been a new ‘must have app’ for some time. The apps that we BlackBerry users had to endure hearing that you had to have in order to sell a phone, they’re all old news now. Sure, there are still people playing Words With Friends, and Draw Something, and people are still Candy Crush-ing, but how much do we hear people talking about that anymore? Not so much. I’m sure the numbers will increase once someone has a new idea, or reworks and old idea (like Candy Crush did).  But it does beg the question, when people are buying cell phones at such a rate, and are buying cell phones based on availability of apps, why aren’t they downloading them any more?

We’ve all seen the various app stores out there on the various devices, and at this point, there are just a never ending amount of apps. I spent some time just a few days ago looking through the Amazon App Store, just looking for something new and fun, and I didn’t find anything. When I was on Legacy BlackBerry, I said I didn’t need apps. When I got on BB10, I downloaded so many from BBW. When I figured out how, I sideloaded app after app testing them out. And there are a handful of apps that I do use, but they are few. What I use my phone for is communication, for the core apps that are pre-installed on my BlackBerry. I use my BlackBerry almost entirely for what it came with out of the box.

So, as people tire of apps, when it comes down to 4 or 5 apps that a person uses, and that are now readily available on whatever platform they choose, what happens to those phones that are merely app launchers? To the phones that are really no more than pocket arcades? Toys? We may be coming upon a time when we find out. My money is on the most efficient, the most capable, and the most dependable, and nothing comes close to BlackBerry in those regards.


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