What “Grinds my gears” V2…

Well, the first “what Grinds my Gears” felt really good. Good to get that off my chest. But as much fun as that was, I’d like to take a further, more proactive/provocative stab at talking about what a current BB10 mobile device can (or cannot) do.


No single platform can do everything for everybody. That’s why choice is good. That being said, I’d like to throw down a challenge of sorts. Here’s the deal… If you thought a BB10 handset “won’t do” something, or has no apps, try this thought process…

I think the question is “what do you want to do?”
The current OS is based on QNX and is absolutely new, not the same as BBOS. The OS/GUI was written from scratch, somewhat like Tizen, Firefox mobile, and Sailfish as examples, so bear in mind it is young but IMHO more powerful than the competition.
Let’s talk about use cases… Here’s mine…
All my messaging, browsing, and multi-media needs are met out of the box, as are file management, built-in Windows document editing/creation and connectivity and are best in class. There are maybe 150,000 apps in the store which is a small number but the thing is that all and/most apps that I (and many others) need are there. Along with that, the latest OS includes the ability to run Android Jelly Bean 4.2 apps. That means an additional huge bucket of apps. Hundreds of thousands of them…
That being said, not all of them work (geek mode on…).
I’m guessing here by saying that the success rate is around 90% for Android apps.
What doesn’t work?
Google dependant apps. Sounds bad but when you think about it it’s no big deal. There are viable and some would say better alternatives to the “free” (yeah right) services that Google provides.
To clarify, things like Google now, and other apps that require Google services do not work, including Google Play.
Can you have Gmail? Yes, but I prefer Outlook.com
Google Earth? Yup
Youtube? of course.

Android apps I’m running that work perfectly are:
Some VOIP PBX apps
VMware console
PayByPhone (Parking)
Questrade IQ

I could go on, you get the picture.
So… the question is (Dear gentle reader)… what do you want to do? Invariably it will be different from my use case. What’s yours?
You name an app or use case in the comments, and I’ll answer whether a BB10 smartphone can do that or not, and whether it’s a native or Android app that fills the need.
What is it that you need/want a smartphone to do? I’ll try it out and give you the honest goods.
The test is on. Try me!


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