What Grinds My Gears? People Who Say We Don’t Get App Updates!


As I often do multiple times a week, I checked BlackBerry World for updates this morning. And, as I often do I see one or more updates. Of course our BBJoe is constantly keeping us up to date on these as well.

Today I saw four updates, and then I realized…


Who are all these people that keep saying we don’t get app updates? Are they the ones that say BlackBerry devs are leaving in droves?


It sure doesn’t feel that way to me. I may have more apps than the average person, but I am constantly getting updates. Look at just today. And they’re all GOOD ones!

Reddit (the front page of the internet)

Sportsnet (nice sports app)

Stock Daddy Turbo (very nice stocks app)

Umbrella (new weather app)

Maybe it’s because 10.3.2.x is just around the corner. Maybe it’s because of new handsets being released (Leap/Passport/Classic). Or maybe the Sex Pistols said it best, “Never Mind the Bollocks”.

I’m with Sid Vicious on this one…


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