What Does Your BlackBerry Say About You?


This says a fair amount about this guy…

As regular readers will be aware I am slightly indisposed at present and this has given me a fair amount of musing time.

How many times have you been in an office, bar or meeting room when someone has said to you ‘what phone is that?’ Not just when they have seen the shape, more when they’ve seen you DO something (Time Shift has always evoked that reaction!) that shows off the power of BlackBerry 10.

Then, of course, you tended, up until fairly recently, to get the ‘oh, a BlackBerry…’ comment, often followed by ‘the BlackBerry stare’ of shame at the poor questioners limp iOS or Androidian effort as they realise just how far behind it actually is, sometimes followed by the sort of stout defence of their purchase that makes you want to laugh out loud (keep it in though, they get MAD!).

I say ‘until fairly recently’ as BlackBerry’s return to profit, coupled with Apple and Androids repeated attempts to shoot themselves in the foot, is seeing more and more people considering coming #BackToBlack. Yes, of course, we have the uneducated ones still stuck in 2012 who still think it’s cool to mock BlackBerrians, but they are quickly realising that no one is laughing anymore.

Now, these ‘what phone is THAT’ questions are going to rise significantly with the Passport as it’s just SO different in terms of hardware. And, you’re going to see more and more people with egg on their faces as a Passport wielding BlackBerrian unleashes 10.3 on their tired old babies. But what will owning a BlackBerry say about us?

Will it be that we are dinosaurs, relics from the past clinging on to our outdated silly phones?

Or will we be seen as savvy customers, who sniffed out something a bit special, a bit different and, maybe, just that little bit smart compared to the same old, same old?

John Chen said just after he took over, ‘BlackBerry will be cool again when people start buying BlackBerry’s’ and how right he is there.

Will we be seen as cool? I doubt it. but what I do think is that the silly smirk of those that used to mock BlackBerrians is wearing very thin indeed.

Regardless, what I can tell you is that I just wrote this entire article, categorised it, added Search Engine Optimisation and published it utilising the BlackBerry 10 browser on my Z30 from my couch right now.

Actually, that IS pretty cool…


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