What Does BlackBerry’s November Device Sale Mean Going Forward?


The last few months have been full of good news and development for BlackBerry.  From strategic alliances, to consistently beating earnings estimates, to new and innovative devices, things have been looking up for the first time in a long time.  The recent release of the BlackBerry Passport has taken the tech world by storm (no pun intended) as the device has been receiving great reviews (from those who actually try it and spend more than 2 minutes with it) and selling out on a weekly basis since the first day of launch.

Now we are into November and recently BlackBerry has decided on a fire sale of devices that I don’t believe I have seen them do before.  Up to 55% off on unlocked direct from BlackBerry devices.  What does this all mean?  Well according to Chris Lau of Seeking Alpha, this is a bullish move that sets the stage for a phablet or an all-touch successor to the Z30.

This move lowers inventory costs, allows BlackBerry to move devices of the shelves in time for the Q10 successor the BlackBerry Classic set to launch sometime in December.

“Consumer and business interest for BlackBerry devices is improving, thanks partly to the Passport release. Helped by positive consumer reviews and respectable coverage at gadget sites for the Passport, BlackBerry may now release a smart phone that has at 5.5 inch screen or bigger. This would give the company exposure to the phablet, the tablet, and the all-touch market.”

It seems as though John Chen continues to deliver on his promise to bring BlackBerry back to profitability while continuing with his plan of providing end to end solutions which includes new and innovative devices.

“On the hardware sales side, speculation of strong Passport sales could finally push shares towards back to the $15 level. This is unlikely in the short-term. BlackBerry still needs a phablet or a tablet-like smart phone. This signals the company is confident with the BBOS 10.3 release. More importantly, it implies BlackBerry is confident demand for its family of devices will improve now, and heading into 2015.”

The tide is turning and the ship is heading in the right direction.  New devices and talk of an innovative tablet have me wondering what else could be coming? What do you think is coming down the pipe?


  • nnik

    I’m quite happy with my passport

  • ray689

    I am as well. Just curious as to what is coming next. I’m sure we won’t see anything for several months as production will be focused mainly on Passport and Classic.

  • rtullu

    I would like to see a surprise tablet, PB2, show up when the Classic arrives!!!

    • ray689

      That would be nice but I don’t know if it shows up that soon.

  • ital1

    These devices, while still great, aren’t the most current so dropping the prices is a great idea to get more consumers onto the platform.

  • Trev

    Like any product, once it’s predecessor is on it’s way in to the shelves, you’ll need to clear the older stock, especially in the tech industry.

    Drop the price to those that were on the fence before that needed the extra push, as well as to those that don’t want to take their chances with a used device and don’t have the funds to pay full price.

    I’m anxious to see the next string of all-touch devices, but I think I’m going to be getting a PKB device again, and I don’t know for sure if I’ll be sticking with Verizon if they don’t carry another BlackBerry that I want. Did you hear that, Verizon?! I’ll surrender my unlimited data for a BlackBerry!

  • veeru789

    cant wait to see the next products. but I doubt I will be spending any more on new devices.

  • BB Racer !!

    If BlackBerry is going to come out with a high spec Z50 phone, the screen should not be bigger then 5.2 inch and the phone should not be bigger than the Z30. They should be able to fit the 5.2 inch screen in the body of the Z30. That will make the phone a one hand device, because the iPhone 6 Plus is way to big and I know people who are returning the phone because it’s to big and poor phone quality. !!

  • SipoKapumba

    Wow! Exciting developments. New devices? We’re being spoilt for choice.


    A new BB-10 PlayBook in the 7 – 8 inch format.
    With cup holders of course.

    • SipoKapumba

      I hope they can make a 10.1″ PlayBook as well as a 7″ one.