What Do You Want In A New BlackBerry?

A BlackBerry means more than getting email fast.

A few days ago, I wrote about my frustrations with TCL. TCL is the current license holder for BlackBerry phones over most of the world. Unfortunately for BlackBerry fans, they seem to have completely missed what BlackBerry is. A TCL executive seemed to think that all BlackBerry users want is to “get their email fast” and talked about how 5G had no place on a BlackBerry because they’re not entertainment machines. Instead he seemed to believe that refrigerators had a greater need for 5G than a brand which began the smartphone revolution.

Now, not getting the newest hardware is something which BlackBerry users are used to. However, we have always received the best in security, and groundbreaking software, as we still see through the various patent lawsuits that BlackBerry is in with major tech companies that are even now just introducing options which BlackBerry users have enjoyed for years.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to TCL. Instead, TCL seems to think that they can appease BlackBerry users by providing keyboards. Well, yes, keyboards are very important to many of us, and TCL has produced two phones with amazing keyboards. But we want more.

Personally, over the past few months, I’ve been using a Samsung Galaxy S10 as a work phone, and it’s slowly creeped into my primary phone. I still have my KEY2 LE active, but I’ve got to say, TCL.. do better.

I know that the Samsung and the KEY2 are aimed at completely different audiences. But I fall into the audience that the KEY2 is built for, not the S10. So why would I be reaching for an S10 over my KEY2? For a few reasons.

TCL, you’re too slow. It’s been over a year since the last BlackBerry phone came out. I, like most of the BlackBerry users I know, are phone geeks. We like new toys. Most of us that are left, had almost all of the models of BlackBerry. Meaning that we weren’t the ones that were waiting for our contracts to be up before we purchased a new device. We were used to going through more than a phone a year. And going a year on the same phone is a really long time. Not to mention that the last phone produced by TCL was a step-down from the prior one, so most of us didn’t even get that.

What it comes down to, is how I use the phone, and how times have changed. BlackBerry users are a few things, and regardless of what Apple users may try to say, we are not dinosaurs. Instead, we were the content producers. We were the ones writing the longest posts in forums from our amazing BlackBerry keyboards. We were the first ones to respond to messages. We would be able to reply to business emails from our devices as they arrived, instead of reading them on our simple iPhone and waiting until we got back to our computer to respond. We were always the fastest to get our sh*t done, because we were fully capable to do it, wherever we were.

Now, times have changed. Most of our communications aren’t just through email. We communicate via various social media applications. Give us faster processors so that those apps open faster, so that we are still the first.

Creating content does not mean writing a wall of text any more. Now it is producing audio, video, and the newest form of political debate, memes. We still want our keyboards, but we need bigger, better screens. Have you tried to edit video on a KEY2? I have. I’d like more screen for that. BlackBerry always had amazing mics, ready to record an interview or a podcast. What happened with that TCL?

And most importantly, cameras! Now, I’ll give TCL a break here, BlackBerry has never been known for their cameras. And the TCL produced KEYone probably had the best camera on board for the time of release. But keeping in line with BlackBerry users being producers and not just consumers, we need better cameras. Cameras are now a major draw of smartphones, and should no longer just be an afterthought.

Hey TCL, the BlackBerry is an entertainment phone. We just use it to create entertainment, not just consume it.

What would I like to see in a new BlackBerry? A faster chipset. A larger screen. A much better camera. And the unparalleled battery life we’ve always been used to (let’s not talk about that Z10, ok?).

If you could make your own correction to TCL’s course, what would it be? What would you like to see in a new BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments below.


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