What DO we know about BlackBerry’s leaked Chatblend, FUSE and Dashboard applications?


Anybody who knows me can attest to my obsession with these three applications ever since the first rumours started to their rounds. It was interesting because these three applications seem to be different yet intertwined as a sort of an updated Bridge app.

So what have we found?

-Chatblend was first spotted by Crackberry in 10.2 leaks back in July of 2013

-Adding to Chatblend, two more apps, Dashboard and FUSE were later spotted in 10.2.1 leaks by BerryFlow here

-The FUSE bar seemed to have code in it that would suggest it was being developed for other non-BlackBerry devices as well such as the iPad and Android tablets.

So what does it mean?

-The Chatblend application seems to revolve around the SMS application on BB10. We’re not quite sure yet whether it’s an app that will Blend BBM and SMS into one, or whether it will simply make the SMS messages accessible by an external app on a desktop or tablet. Some friends of mine have recently taken the Chatblend app and ran it, but it didn’t seem to do much other than show a blank white screen so far. What’s interesting to note is that it has been in builds for a long time and has consistently been updated throughout. Some credit towards the notion that Chatblend will be meant for making SMS messages accessible by an external app werefound in 10.2.1 leaks where the chatblend app does show a “FUSE” mode.


-FUSE mode is another part of the puzzle that seems to have a bit more substance to it. Ofutur on Crackberry has found that the code seems to suggest that it is an application that can access some local phone services remotely. In the most recent 10.3 leak it was found that FUSE had access to the following services:









-Based on the files leaked and what my internal sources tell me it seems as if it may be an app that will be able to access the services on your phone via USB connection, Bluetooth or Wifi. The most recent image leak of FUSE shows a desktop app that looks similar to BlackBerry Link. Coincidentally, in early 2014 Blackberry put out a survey in the Link Beta Zone asking whether users would like to be able to answer and receive BBMs through Link. While nothing is set in stone the leaked image below definitely has us pondering…AND salivating.



-Dashboard is what we know about the least, but have seen the most. It seems to be a webpage type of app, potentially capable of being launched into a computer’s browser if the computer does not have link installed. It looks to be able to show many of the same things that FUSE has access to. As I said, it’s one of the apps we know the least about, speculation has ranged from people thinking it’s a service that works through the web in a cloud-like fashion with your phone constantly updating the information through the web and the user being able to login and view it all through a browser, and others believe it’s just a local service that requires a device to be connected to a computer or external device.


So what can we conclude?

You can’t really conclude anything at this point, unfortunately, it’s way too early to bet money on any of these features coming to market. Many files and apps stay in the OS without ever being used, there’s still Playbook BB10 files that are found in leaks! The silver lining, though, is that it shows that BlackBerry isn’t standing still. They are working on some really interesting projects and products behind the scenes to leverage some of that Machine 2 Machine goodness everyone is talking about. If Chatblend, FUSE and Dashboard came out and it was available on iPad, Android Tablets, Playbook, Desktops AND could connect to QNX car systems, I could very much see it as an enticing feature that enterprise customers, as well as consumers, would be interested in. Being able to have your phone as the processing power and receiving all your messages in one spot and being able to view and interact with them on various different devices and peripherals would be an amazing advantage that Blackberry could bring over other offerings.  I haven’t personally seen it in action but one of my BlackBerry sources has and says the beta he used briefly was in-line with what’s mentioned above, but he did say it was just an early build and had no clue where it had progressed from there.

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