What do the new developer tool roadmaps tell us about Blackberry?

Still Rising...
Still Rising…

The new developer tools give us an insight into what BlackBerry may have planned for us in the coming months.  As mentioned in our Developer Tools article, the fact that the landing dates for many of the tools are set for May, which means it’ll probably get into the hands of developers 2-3 months ahead of an official OS release of 10.3.  So we kind of have an unofficial timeframe for WHEN 10.3 is set to be released, at least.

We also have some more information on future devices.  It looks like they are adding in 64-bit support as well as some features to make targeting different screen sizes and resolutions easier.  In my own opinion, I would take these as a sign that a 1080 resolution device will be making its way to a release, as well as a whole range of new parts and processors that will be able to be used, thanks to the 64-bit support.

There are also some APIs for voice services that are coming in 10.3 which also confirms that some more weight is being put into a voice assistant, as we’ve seen from early 10.3 leaks making their rounds.

Of course take all this with a grain of salt, as they are only my inferences and suggestions, but I would feel fairly confident that this is what we can expect in the coming months.  What do you think of these developments?  Sound of in the comments below!