What Are They Tracking?

You know who’s tracking you, but do you know what they’re tracking?

There’s an interesting new tool on the web that everyone should take a look at. The tool was created by vpnMentor and shows you some frightening information about sites and services that are commonly used.

While most take privacy for granted, the topic, has been in the headlines much more lately thanks to Facebook’s massive intrusions being made public. But it should be no surprise that Facebook is far from the only service that has been invading our privacy. But what are they tracking?

The tool builders at vpnMentor has scoured the privacy agreements of the various sites to inform users just what is being tracked and collected on users. While the fact that essentially everyone is tracking our location is known, the idea that some of these top tier services are collecting private messages should shock most.

Many might be quite upset to find that our own wishes are being completely ignored by the likes of Netflix. While modern browsers give the users the ability to update their settings with a “Do Not Track” request. Unfortunately, that is merely a request, and no sites must obey that request, and some simply ignore that request.

Users should take some time and look through the site. It will most likely be very eye opening. To visit Who’s Watching You? by vpnMentor, click here.

Source: Fox News


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