What Are They Saying About The Priv by BlackBerry?


Earlier today, yesterday for most of our readers, Biggly told us his reasons for why he thinks the BlackBerry Priv be a sales success. I tend to agree. But I also know how some of our detractors tend to argue against us. They’ll say we’re a fan site. They’re right. They’ll say we’re biased. They’re right. They’ll say we’re not living in the real world. They’re dead wrong. For some reason, some people think you’re not being realistic unless you’re publishing negative items. They’re wrong. They state that by being critical, they’re helping. They’re wrong, and obviously, quite full of themselves. But again, earlier today, we saw what Biggly thought, he even showed us what an always pleasant representative from CrackBerry thinks. Let’s look at what others think?

For this post, I looked at the Android Sub Reddit, in response to the ‘Meet Priv by BlackBerry’ video. What followed, was some very funny comments, and some solid interest in the Priv. Pretending to be Ina Fried from ReCode, I’ll cherry pick some comments. Unlike her, as I’m doing it, I’ll give you the link so you can go get the full picture youself. If you want to read the thread, simply click here.

luisccsousa: 9.4mm with a keyboard and a 3410mAh battery?! :O

I_lurk_subs: I’m guessing they tucked battery into the phone and into the keyboard, too.

Targaryen-ish: Most manufacturers actually keep most of the power in the customers wall sockets. At least that’s basically how my S4 works.

donrhummyNexus 5: That’s been fixed with the Qualcomm 810. Now it puts most of it into heating.

carpcmelee: You guys make these jokes as if they are just jokes but it gets really cold in the library so I literally take my M8 out of my pocket and use it to warm my hands so I can type. And that’s an 801…

civicgsr19: All jokes aside sometimes when I am really hungry I pull out my M8 and use it to make a grilled cheese.

SentientKayak: Go be fair, my Droid Turbo has a 3,900 mAh. But definitely doesn’t have a awesome physically keyboard

thatssorelevant: Physical capacitive keyboard? So that means I can use swype on a physical keyboard!?!

1080snowboardingn64: I wasn’t sure I’d always want to use the pull out keyboard. But even if I don’t always use it
the phone is still sweet.

SavageNoble: This phone ticks a lot of boxes.
•Reasonable screen size
•Close to stock Android
•Good build quality
•Looks good
•3410 mAh battery!!!
I sincerely hope they succeed with this device.

mrheh: If it has an sd slot I’m switching. I’m currently on the note4, figure I have a solid year b4 I need the upgrade. s6,note5 no longer have removable batteries or sd so I’m out.

PooFartChamp: OK now i want it.

[–]_beast__: And the one box that no Android flagship has ticked to date that I have been asking for since day 1:
a go****mn slide out BlackBerry style keyboard!!!! F**K YEAH!

StolenLampy: Actually, day one for me was the only time a physical keyboard existed. The OG Motorola Droid, the phone that really showed what android could be, had a nice keyboard that I used to play roms with. Been sad ever since, really want this blackberry…

QuestionsEverythang: I think people here on /r/android were more concerned with the size of the phone itself rather than the screen. If it’s a 5.4″ screen with barely any bezels (like this phone), then hell yes. But if it’s a 5.5″ screen with huge bezels like on the iPhone 6+, no thanks.

Vintage_Lobster: The screen is too big on the priv in my opinion. But its an Android powered BlackBerry, and you can’t say no to that.

donrhummy: How can they make this phone with a keyboard (and sensors in the keyboard for swiping on it) AND a 3400 mAh battery but Google’s Nexus devices can’t include a 3000 mAh in a larger sized Nexus 5X and have the same size battery in a phone MUCH bigger (Nexus 6P)?

davwman: If they succeed I’ll be a contributing factor. My note is going bye-bye for the priv

Focker_: I’ll sure as hell be buying one. I HATE typing with a touch screen…nearly every single word is misspelled.

Captain_Alaska: Never thought I’d say I want a Blackberry, but there you go.

Bloodyfinger: I think I want it just for the fact that I’ll still have all that screen real estate even while typing. That’s the thing that has always bothered me about an on screen kb, you lose half the screen when you type.

IWantToBeAProducer: shhhk, click, shhhk, click, shhhk, click-Me, with this phone

This is just a small sample of comments from that one post on Reddit. There are at this moment, 1269 comments. There is a common theme to these comments. These are Android fans that know their past Android phone models like how we know the old phone models of BBOS, and there is an overwhelming theme to these comments. Complaints about their current phones, and excitement over the Priv.

What are they looking forward to? The large battery. An SD card slot. And more than anything else, the one thing that we BlackBerry users have been told was unwanted for the past several years, a physical keyboard. I think it’s fair to say, that the anti-BlackBerry, anti-keyboard comments, that we’ve heard over the past few years, were obviously attacks based not on fact, but on fear. People who stated no one wants keyboards.They were wrong. People that stated the BlackBerry name was too tarnished? They were wrong. Those that said the BlackBerry Priv was a confusing device that they didn’t understand? Well, that’s just funny.



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  • Wayno

    Great article Brad. Fantastic to hear so many positive comments about the Priv from Android users. Seems many still want a physical keyboard and bonus SD card. This will sell well by the sounds of it. Go BlackBerry!!!

  • newcollector

    Love the BlackBerry love the comments show. Love the humor as well. Go Priv! Go BlackBerry!

  • Ibelieveandlove

    Love it! Positive Vibes ~~~~~~~

  • Robert

    Android users have indeed been paying attention and the amount of sites talking about it is incredible. Let’s just hope the carriers follow suite…