Well I certainly didn’t see that coming…..

Just when it appeared the mobile landscape was about as exciting as a White House Correspondence Dinner with no President, the ‘Magenta Madman’ takes to Twitter to announce a merger-


Should this latest attempt pass muster with the United States Federal Communications Commission (there are no guarantees) this could be really big. Since there really are no firm details announced, all we can go by is the usual ‘rumor mill’ (for what that’s worth). According to the whispers,

  • TMO will gobble up Sprint,
  • John ‘I’m Batman’ Legere will be the CEO
  • SoftBank CEO, Masayoshi Son will get a seat at the big kid’s table of the new Board (Softbank is the parent company of Sprint), and
  • according to the announcement the new company’s major focus will be rolling out 5G



As a longtime TMO customer I’m not sure what this means but I think there would be some impact. Corporations don’t throw around tens of billions of dollars without some sort of trickle down effect. Who knows in the long run this may benefit the consumer more than the shareholders – only time will tell.

Why not sound-off in a poll regarding your thoughts about the proposed TMO – Sprint merger






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