Welcome to UTB Current

A new area has arrived at UTB Blogs.

For the life of UTB Blogs, I’ve made it a point to attempt to keep anything resembling political posts off the website. We were a BlackBerry site, there was no need for it. But then, the world of BlackBerry didn’t offer as much news as it used to, and we began to branch out into other areas. Security and the mobile realm outside of BlackBerry became normal topics around here. We absorbed the sister site UTB Geek onto the main UTB site in order to try to keep the site fresh as news slowed to a trickle. And that was fine and good for a while.

But then, as I’m so fond of saying, the world went nuts.

Politics has creeped into every aspect of life now. I cannot open a tech blog, or a geek site, without being inundated with politics. It seems, that’s all anyone in the world of media cares about anymore.

UTB Blogs has always been made by an incredibly diverse group of people. People from around the world, from various countries, with various nationalities, various political beliefs, and various backgrounds. It was always our strength. However, with the advent of this focus on politics, it became our weakness.

The world of politics is now incredibly fractured. There is no longer any negotiation or compromise in politics. It is now simply a battle and media has chosen it’s side. Sadly, it seems that now, empowered by the constant barrage of a seriously flawed and biased media, many people can no longer have a logical discussion. Common sense has gone out the window. The art of making a reasoned argument has been replaced with name calling. Speech has been silenced and independent thought is being outlawed.

The world of UTB is no different than the outside world, and several of those who helped to build this site, found it preferable to leave, than to be around those that may think differently than them. A few found it preferential to call names and try to silence our voices in our own community than to continue to follow through on what they started.

Well they don’t know me very well.

UTB Blogs was founded when a small group of BlackBerry fans found that our voices were being silenced at another site. Our comments were being removed. We found ourselves being banned. And instead being victims, instead of walking away defeated, we chose to fight back. We chose to build this site, as a place to get our voices out. A place for us to be heard. A place where others could not silence us.

Why would people that were here from the beginning think that today would be any different from the first day this site was founded? Guess what? It’s not.

And with that thought, I’d like to introduce you to our newest category on UTB Blogs, UTB Current. A place where we can bring a bit of UTB flavor to current events. Don’t expect breaking news. We’re not journalists, and unlike most of what you’ll find in media, we’re not claiming to be. We’re not out there trying to crack the next story. Instead, we will simply be offering our opinion on some of the headlines of the day. As we always have, we will be pointing out the hypocrisy we see, amplifying stories we believe are being ignored, and logic to those that believe name calling will win arguments.

Welcome to UTB Current, and welcome to our common sense agenda.


Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs. Former BlackBerry Elite. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.