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Before we begin, if you’re reading this on our BBM Channel, be sure to click the link below and visit the site, and read the whole post.

Since BlackBerry has placed us on the Discover page of BBM Channels, we have seen some explosive growth on our BBM channel. We are quickly approaching 20 thousand subscribers, and I felt it might be a good time to make a small introduction to UTB for our new readers.

Who We Are

We are a group of BlackBerry fans. Most of us have been using BlackBerry for years, going back to the earliest BlackBerry devices. Some of us are new users, having discovered BlackBerry when BlackBerry 10 was introduced to the market. Some of us are now on BlackBerry’s newest Android powered device, the BlackBerry Priv, while most of us are currently on BlackBerry 10. There’s even one of us that still carries around a BlackBerry Torch.

The bloggers here at UTB are an eclectic bunch. We are quite literally spread all over the globe with various backgrounds. Luckily, through the power of BBM, we are all able to maintain near constant contact with each other.

With our various devices, and various likes and dislikes, there is one thing that binds us all, and sets us apart from most of the other BlackBerry blogs out there. Each and every one of us use a BlackBerry as our primary device. While some may have another device as a second device, or a toy, or something for research purposes, we all use a BlackBerry device as our daily driver.

Our Purpose

UTB was founded during a time when BlackBerry was being attacked on the web and in media. We, being the outspoken fans that we are, decided that there needed to be an opposing voice to the constant trolling BlackBerry was victim to. We were all long time readers of other BlackBerry sites, and tried to make a stand at those various sites, only to have our hands slapped, to see our defending of the brand we loved attacked or deleted. After many attempts to contribute to these other sites, only to watch as negativity took over, and the site runners not care, we decided to start our own. Throughout our various format and design changes, our purpose has remained the same. To support and promote BlackBerry, to tell report the truth about other platforms, and to provide content that we believe BlackBerry fans would be interested in.

What We Offer

We are attempting to provide a full featured site for BlackBerry fans. We have of course, the main blog site, which you’re reading now. We have forums with some amazingly friendly helpful people, and strangely enough, you’re actually able to have polite conversations without being attacked. We have a weekly podcast, the UTB Blogcast, aired live with an audio version following which can be downloaded directly to your BlackBerry, or listened to on Nobex, bPod, or whatever podcast catcher you choose to use. For Priv owners, UTB Blogcast will be amongst the first podcasts soon to be available on Google Play Music.

We have an app, available in BlackBerry World with access to the blogsite and our mobile forums. Our forums are also enabled for Tapatalk.

We also have a sister site, UTBGeek.com, where we like to talk about our interests outside the mobile tech space.

What We Ask From You

It’s quite simple really. Join in. Beyond the purpose listed above, a major goal for us is to build a community. A community of BlackBerry fans free from the trolling and attacks found elsewhere. We want to be able to have conversations about BlackBerry, with other BlackBerry fans, without being told that we should be on other platforms. We want a place where BlackBerry fans can go get help, or provide help, from other users that love the brand as much as we do. In order to build that community, we need your participation.

As stated before, we have seen some explosive growth on our BBM channel, and the interaction and participation there is incredible. I believe we have the most active channel comments of all the BlackBerry blogs at this time.
But we need you here. On the site and in the forums. It’s no secret that sites are judged by how busy their comment sections are. Both by other sites and by prospective members. It should come as no surprise to any of our regular readers that we don’t really care much about what other sites think about us, but we do want to be inviting for prospective members who may be used to more established sites.

As BlackBerry rebuilds itself and works it’s way back to dominance, we wish to build a new community. With your help, we can make UTB the real home for BlackBerry fans. For our new channel subscribers, when you see a post appear on the channel, click the link, read the whole post, and sign in and comment. Our bloggers love that!

And for those that use the channel comments for PIN exchanges? We’re not the channel for you.


BlackBerry Elite Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs and UTB Geek. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.

  • Canuckvoip

    “For our new channel subscribers, when you see a post appear on the channel, click the link, read the whole post, and sign in and comment. Our bloggers love that!”

    Yes… yes we all do.
    Great post Brad

  • Well said Brad. locco_smiley_10

    • Schmurf

      I love reading the posts here. The negativity I have seen at other places, particularly the orange place is pleasantly absent. It really seems to be a place where BlackBerry fans (unabashably so) can come to learn more on what’s going on and get more factual information. Keep up the good work guys!

      • bartron

        That’s one of a few reasons why I left the orange site almost 2 years ago.

  • Firefox

    Bravo! Well as far as I can see we all come from “other” BlackBerry “fan” sites since there is so much negativity. On UTB there is home atmosphere and that’s the reason why I always like to visit this site. I mean… check other fan forum (we all know which one) a find one, just one positive thread?! Crazy?!

  • SipoKapumba

    Great post Brad. I’m happy to learn about the huge growth in the UTB Blogs BBM Channel, though I’m not on it. I’m not a Channels guy, but I will try it.
    Hey, who edits your pieces? The English seems flawless. What is your secret?

    • Brad

      We don’t really edit here. Lol! As our co-bloggers read our posts, they’ll make fun of us for our typos, and we go back and fix them. Lol

      • Chaplain_Clancy

        The trick for Brad, Sipo, is to write it the opposite of how he thinks or says it. I’ve heard him speak…it’s barely English.

  • Wayno

    Nice introduction to the site Brad, and great to hear the community is growing.

  • The_Alpha_Geek

    Excellent article, Brad! It really conveyed the message of what UTB is all about!

  • Alan

    Nice post. Definitely one of the BlackBerry sites I visit mostly every day. Keep up the good work guys.

  • DickLewis13

    Excellent post, Brad. Proud to be a member of UTB. Those that know me are aware I practically live at the forums. :)

  • newcollector

    Great introduction to UTB, Brad! I highly encourage new readers to join and participate in the discussions.

  • Mzceetee13

    Bravo Brad, wonderful well said introduction!!!!

  • DonMariano

    A well written, informative straight from the heart article Brad, we expect nothing less from you.

  • Martin

    This why I call UTB home!

  • razrrob

    Well said!

    There are very few constants in life but one thing you can count on at UTB is the love for the BlackBerry Brand!!!



    Always enjoy my time here. but here is a question that I think having an answer to, might be of interest to all of us. I see that virtually everyone who has come from other sites, has done so because of the negativity on those other supposedly, pro-BlackBerry blogs.

    Why do these other sites, that are supposedly BlackBerry-friendly so negative about the company, it’s products and it’s prospects?

    Absenting the usual claim that it is all ‘click bait’, what is the reason for this attitude? Did BlackBerry kick sand in their faces down at the beach? Did BlackBerry include just a few drops of pee in their milkshakes? Did BlackBerry lock them in their lockers at high school, or ‘pants’ them, or steal their lunch money?

    As this “BlackBerry must die!” attitude seems to extend itself through the popular press, an answer may help us all fight it with counter arguments.

    • jrohland

      There is a possibility of payments from much, much richer competitors wishing to kill off a potential problem while it can’t fight back.

  • vorpal

    I see it as the schoolyard ‘join in and kick them when they’re down” mentality. Usually normal people get a little weird, snarky or downright hostile… I’ve had it happen from too many people to be just me. I usually laugh it off, but sometimes I’ve had people who I’ve known for years get actually belligerent over my phone when I go to show them something. As for forums… well, if they’re not moderated properly, anything goes.