Welcome to the UTB BBM Channel Weekend Party!

Let’s have a BBM Party!

UTB Blogs loves BBM. The fact of the matter is, there would be no UTB Blogs without BBM. The site was born from a BBM Channel, and everyone behind UTB met each other, and became friends, through BBM. We run the site through BBM. It’s a bit disheartening that the site that owes so much to BBM hasn’t been fully utilizing the platform. We’re going to try it again. And we’re going to make an event out of it. We’re going to make a weekend party out of it.

We are designating this weekend to be the UTB BBM Channel Weekend Party! It’s time to enjoy BBM to it’s fullest, and that means fully using our own BBM Channel. That’s right, we’re turning the channel comments back on!

Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming amount of spam, trolling, and harassing posts, we shut our comments down some time ago. We attempted to open them up again, and once again, were overwhelmed with the same unwanted comments. This time, we have some fun things planned, and will set some ground rules. Let’s start with the fun stuff!

Join in the BBM Channel comments! Some of our fondest memories from the early days of UTB was interacting with the community within the channel comments. In those days we had a few thousand subscribers. The UTB Channel now has nearly 78,000 subscribers! Let’s see how active our subscribers really are.

Switch your profile to public! Within BBM on Android and iOS, head into your “Me” tab. Choose “Account” and checkmark the box by “Set your Feeds to Public”. What will this do? It will allow others that you are interacting with to see what you have added to your BBM Feed, and nothing else. Why would we do this? To share our feeds. It is no different than seeing someone else’s Twitter feed. Try it for the weekend. It’s just one more addition that ads to the community aspect of BBM.

Special Posts! On Saturday and Sunday we shall make special themed channel posts . We will have a specific PIN exchange post for those that would like to share their PIN with other users. We shall have a specific post for Channel admins that want to share and promote their BBM Channel. Have an idea for a Special Post? Let us know in the comments below.

Now, for the rules.

We want to keep our channel comments open. We want to grow our BBM community again. We don’t want a few to ruin it for the rest. In order to make sure this works, we need to follow a few common sense rules.

  • No Spamming: No one wants to buy your pumps, so stop attempting to sell them here.
  • No Harassing: If she wanted to give you her PIN, she would have offered it, so please stop asking.
  • Say Something: We know emoji’s are fun, but try to add to the conversation. And that means more than winking on every post.
  • I wish we were all fluent in all the languages of our readers. But we’re not. UTB is an English language site, and comments need to be English as well.
  • Keep it family friendly. If it’s normally hidden, then don’t make it your avatar.

Any spam or harassing comments will result in the offending person being immediately, and permanently banned.

So come on and join in on the UTB Blogs BBM Channel Weekend Party! We can’t wait to chat with you.


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