Welcome to the new UTB!


You may have noticed some changes around the halls of UTB. Why, someone seems to have turned the lights on! It’s been quite a year-ish here at UTB. Biggly has already given a run down of where we’ve been and somewhat of where we’re going.

And here we are in UTB Phase 2. Beginning back at the end of December when we had to move to a new home as we had outgrown our first, to our friend Brandon handing over the reigns of the UTB app to our other friend Jon, to now. What is now? Well, it’s a bit of a facelift for UTB.

Our man that keeps the site running, Robert, has brought us in to the modern age. We now have fully responsive sites, meaning no more of that ugly mobile version. We should be an easy read no matter if you’re on your desktop, tablet, or of course, where you should be reading us, on your BlackBerry. Robert has also suped up our forums so be sure to stop in and chat with us!


And lest I forget, don’t you forget about our other site, the also recently remodeled UTB Geek  where we visit all the other topics we enjoy outside the mobile tech universe.

Over the next few days, weeks, possibly even months, you might see more changes as we settle in to our new digs. Let us know what you think of the place, and if you run in to any issues, just drop us a note and let us know.


BlackBerry Elite Founder & Owner of UTB Blogs and UTB Geek. When I'm not talking or writing about BlackBerry, you'll find me using my BlackBerry.

  • Undbiter65

    UTB Geek looks so damn sexy now :’)

  • DIckLewis13

    Blue background on post looks nice, maybe need bold font, doesn’t look dark enough.
    Maybe use it on home page also. Great job.

  • bambinoitaliano

    What’s happening!!!!!!!!!!Aahhhhhhhhhh….LOL!!

  • bambinoitaliano

    The background is over powering the text. Need editing option.

    • Blackjack

      Yes .. need editing option. I hope its in the to do list. That was quite helpful.

  • Robert

    Adding the color background to the post killed it Brad.

    Anyway…like Brad said, there a few touch ups that still need to be made but so far it’s working out kind of nice.

    • mscloutier

      Colour* Sorry couldn’t help myself, I’m Canadian eh. Yes I agree the font definitely needs to be darker. Otherwise I’m loving UTB and the new makeover.

  • razrrob

    Can you change the color of the font from gray to black? That might give it enough contrast

  • BB4tw

    I agree with the others about the font needing to be darker. Otherwise, nice work.

  • Tommy C

    We are now in position to become number one. Excellent job, RoboCop!

  • Brad

    Was just trying out the backgrounds guys sheesh! Lol!

    But anyway… It’s removed… so… what’cha think?

    • Canuckvoip

      Damn sexy if you ask me…

      • Brad

        Thanks! But what about the site?

        • Canuckvoip

          The site changed?

          • Brad


    • DIckLewis13

      [font=Comic Sans MS Seems you are using a gray font, instead of black. Far too light.[/font]

      • DIckLewis13

        Poop, can’t edit? Bummer.

  • skeezo

    Guys, I hate to be the odd man out but I have to be honest and say that I liked the previous theme more. That theme for the blog, was responsive as I was able to load your site very fast on a Bold 9900. This theme seems to be more bloated, as it takes a lot longer to load on the 9900. The black background with larger sized fonts also looked nicer to me compared to the white background.

    • Brad


    • Canuckvoip

      Thanks for your input skeezo.
      Although we won’t be going back to the old site theme, we sincerely appreciate your opinion. As we move forward and make new decisions on newer themes etc, we will keep your experience in mind.
      Thank you for being a loyal UTB reader!
      Dave Matthews

    • Blackjack

      Skeezo, sorry to hear that, but I’m surprised anything will load properly on a 9900.
      Get a Classic and you will wonder why you ever stuck with the 9900.

      Take it from me! I was a BBOS holdout !

    • bambinoitaliano

      It’s time to move on up Skeezo :) I see a Passport in your future.

      • skeezo

        Thanks guys and yes I know, time to move up for sure. But the site still loads fine even on a BlackBerry 9900, looks fine. It’s just one of those things that takes a little getting used to. Had this site been this one originally, and you switched it to the one with the black theme I would probably be complaining too! Hehehe.

  • BB Racer !!

    UTB beats the rest…….fast and to the BB point !!!

  • jubatus

    Hey guys a little advice go back to a black background. It looked well like: BlackBerry.. This looks like Itoy like . Flat boring and pale.