Welcome to BBM Weekend!

Let’s have a BBM Weekend! A time to appreciate the application that started the mobile messaging trend. A time to appreciate all those friends that we have met and stayed in constant, reliable contact with over the years. And a time to invite more users to the platform we love so much.

While BBM’s popularity shrunk over the years as many more messengers came into the market, BBM never stopped improving. It has grown from a simple messaging application, into an entire platform. Once the go to app for sending messages, BBM now has all the makings for a social media platform, a place to consume media, even a place to order a ride. BBM does so much more than any of us would have expected a decade ago, and it just keeps getting better! What the platform needs, is more users. And that will take current users to bring new users on board.

Come join us on the UTB Blogs BBM Channel (PIN: C0028049B) where we will be focused on BBM Weekend. We will be looking at the myriad of included features within BBM, as well as spotlighting noteworthy BBM Channels, asking your opinions, and much, much more.

How can you help make BBM Weekend better? By joining in. Watch your favorite channels that are taking part in BBM Weekend (and there are quite a few!). Look for the hashtags #JoinBBM and #BBMweekend, if you see them, you will know that this is content made for sharing! Help spread the word by sharing that content on any social media that you may use.

Most important? Invite your friends to BBM. How many new users can you get this weekend?

BBM Weekend is starting now, and will last through Sunday.

Remember, sharing is caring. #JoinBBM #BBMweekend



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