Welcome to the New #ShotOnBB

#ShotOnBlackBerry has a few new homes.

Just 10 days ago (such a magical number), we asked for users to share their photos that they had taken on their BlackBerry devices, for us to share via our social media networks.

The response has been astounding!

We have received hundreds of amazing photos. I just can’t keep up! And I am incredibly happy that this is the case.

Unfortunately though, these amazing photos have sort of taken over UTB Blogs social networks. There are just way more #ShotOnBlackBerry images than there is news for us to share. We don’t want to hinder the output of the photos, and we don’t want to turn UTB Blogs into primarily a photo sharing spot.

What to do, what to do?

Well, the answer is obvious! Give #ShotOnBlackBerry it’s own home of course!

ShotOnBB can now be found on BBM Channels, Twitter, and Instagram. Of course, the same ideas and rules apply. Follow the social media addresses of your choice, and enjoy the amazing BlackBerry photography from others in the community. Find someone that you would like to follow? We make it easy by sharing how to find the credited photographer’s choices of social media, unless of

course, that photographer wishes to remain anonymous. And not surprisingly, we have had a few of those already.

Do you have pics you’d like to share? Simply email the photos to shotonbb@utbblogs.com along with how you’d like people to follow you, be it Instagram, Twitter, BBMC, BBM, website, whatever it might be, and we will share it across our @ShotOnBB social media addresses.

And of course, please follow our new Shot on BlackBerry accounts, and share those images which you like.


Twitter: @ShotOnBB

Instagram: @ShotOnBB



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