WeChat Shares User Information with Chinese Government

Long suspected, finally confirmed, your info belongs to the Chinese government.

While WeChat is available for use everywhere, it is the most popular messaging app in China, of course it’s not exactly a fair competition since many social media and messaging apps are blocked by the Chinese government. With China’s blocking of these other apps and WeChat’s growth, it’s no surprise that there has been suspicion that WeChat has been sharing user’s info. That is no longer a suspicion.

With WeChat’s latest update, user’s had to agree to an updated privacy policy. For those that actually took the time to read this policy, a surprise was awaiting them. The new privacy statement informed users that personal data was being shared with the Chinese government in accordance with applicable laws or regulations. User’s information including names, contacts, email addresses, location, who the user has communicated with along with the time, data and duration, and even information which the user searched for and looked at while using the service, is being retained, preserved, and disclosed to the Chinese government.

Frightening isn’t it?





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