We Want To Know, Why Do You Choose BlackBerry?


One of our own BlackBerry community members came up with an ingenious idea to promote BlackBerry. That idea is to let us, the BlackBerry users, tell the world why we choose BlackBerry.

James H. Jackson Jr. is asking for those of us within the BlackBerry community, to answer a single question, “Why do you choose BlackBerry?” in a short video. James will take the video responses, and merge them all in to one video, which will show the rest of the world, the myriad of reasons why BlackBerry is the best platform, bar none.

A few quick rules,

1) Keep the videos short, we hope for a lot of responses, and wish to get everyone in there.

2) The BlackBerry community truly is worldwide, and we want to show it, tell us in your native tongue, but please provide a translation as well, so that subtitles can be added.

3) BBOS or BB10? We don’t care, you still choose BlackBerry!

4) Please begin the video with “I choose BlackBerry because…”

5) Be creative, be sincere, we wish to invite others in to our amazing community.

This is a amazing way to show the world how many of us there are, and the many reasons why we still choose BlackBerry, and I thank James for allowing us to be a part of it.

You can find James on Twitter @jameshjacksonjr and we have set him up an e-mail for the purposes of this campaign at jameshjacksonjr@utbblogs.com.

So grab your BlackBerry, and get to filming!


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