We Really Need to Pay Attention!



Slowly but surely Apple is forcing itself deeper into people’s lives. You’ve seen the TV commercials where everything is wonderful and beautiful because it’s all captured or mediated through an iPhone.

To me, this is quite scary. Today I read an article about how Apple wants to go into the visual media business (they’re already trying to corner the audio market, actually even threatening lawsuit over a charity concert…Apple of course being the bad guy). No, now Apple wants to stream visual media. Most people aren’t too worried about this because the music streaming isn’t doing so well. That’s just because people aren’t used to that yet.

I’m worried. We have one very large company controlling several aspects of how we send and receive ¬†information. As we from how Apple has treated people and companies who dare cross them, this is a very ruthless, greedy company as well.

So, what I’m trying to say here is STOP buying their products. Delete iTunes from your computer. Toss the Macbook. It is very dangerous for one entity to control so many things from the storage of your files (can’t store much on an iPhone, need the cloud) to communication at your workplace and to the places you frequent (yes, they do track you -no tinfoil hat here). As well as the music you like, the company you keep and the list goes on but you get the point.


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