We DO NOT Need Google Services

Do businesses actually use this?

Orpha Buena at  Pop Herald is sadly confused, and late to the party. In an article titled “BlackBerry Passport needs services like Google Drive, Docs and YouTube” she explains why, well, you see the article title, and she is very mistaken.

Orpha makes it very clear early on that she usually does not cover smartphones, and it shows, as she is making an argument that is so 2013. Catch up with the times Orpha! Google Services on BlackBerry 10 have been discussed, and discussed, and discussed. And there are a few people out there that want them. There are also a few people out there that do not want Google Services ever touching their BlackBerry’s. And I believe there is a greater number of people out there that simply don’t care.

There was a time that we had a rumor that it was coming. And I admit, at the time, I was one of those that was happy about it. I wanted Google Services and the Play Store on BlackBerry 10 so that we would have the apps, all those wonderful Android apps. Not because I’d use them. All those ‘must have apps’ Android and iPhone users talk about, well, I’ve tried the vast majority, and have no need for them, and even though they were installed and running fine on my BlackBerry 10 devices, I’ve since removed them. Except for Clash of Clans… I love that little game.

I wanted Android apps readily available on BlackBerry 10 because apps were what was holding back BlackBerry 10 from the general consumer. Consumer’s want apps. And we didn’t have many. And we didn’t have the ones that people said they wanted. I knew, and still know that BlackBerry 10 is the best OS out there, nothing else comes close. But we were missing the apps, and that was enough for people not to buy. But things have since changed.

The Android player on BB10 has progressed at an astonishing rate. The vast majority of Android apps run on BB10 now, and run well. As someone that had Samsung Android devices, I can honestly say that most the apps I used on both devices, run smoother on BB1o than on Samsung. And people do still complain that not all android apps run on BB10. But again, I’ve had Android devices, and I’ve always run in to the dreaded “this app not available for this device”. And I didn’t have entry level devices, or old devices, I had brand new Samsung Tablets, and I would hit that wall time after time.

The BlackBerry Passport is an interesting piece of hardware mainly because it combines the strength of the BlackBerry brand with Apple’s long-known business formula — a large touchscreen integrated with a good physical “qwerty” keyboard that also functions as a wide trackpad.

Not that the above quote has anything to do with what I am saying, but I am at a loss as to what she is trying to say. And it might show a glimpse as to what we are dealing with here.

She stresses that the Passport will be used by more productivity minded people. To which my initial response is “duh” Of course the device was built with the enterprise user in mind, and in my mind, I’ve never seen anything more perfectly suited to the enterprise user. But as BlackBerry showed before, during their first climb to the top, consumers wish to emulate business users. Currently, most phones look alike. You always hear people ask what kind of phone another has when they’re looking directly at it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “Is that the new iPhone?” when I have my Z10 out. The Passport is so different, there will be no mistaking it. And I believe this is one aspect that will be a strength in getting people to adopt it.

Orpha seems to think that in order for a device to be a productivity tool, it requires Google Drive and Docs. She states “I often use Google Docs and Google Drive as my daily driver, and that’s related to work. We write articles, proofread, and check its accuracy online using Google Docs, save it on the cloud through Google Drive” so apparently she is unaware of the numerous other services that are used by businesses daily? I personally, until I read this, did not know of any businesses that use Google Drive and Docs. I do however know of a few businesses that expressly forbid the use of those products though. But they are a blog, and I know how things can be kind of fly by night in this world.

Let me explain how we do it here at UTB. “We often use Docs to Go and Dropbox or Box or OneDrive or Remote Access as our daily drivers, and that’s related to work. We write articles, proofread (sometimes) and check for accuracy online using the best mobile browser out there, and save it on the cloud using Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive, or on our own computers at home using Remote Access.

She also seems sad that the Passport will not ship with a dedicated YouTube app, and this is where her lack of knowledge about BB10 comes in to sharp focus. We don’t need an app for that! iPhone has a dedicated YouTube app because it cannot access the real YouTube site. Android has a dedicated YouTube app because while most if not all Android phones can access the YouTube site, it is typically not a good experience. Android and iPhone have dedicated YouTube apps because they need dedicated YouTube apps. I wonder if she has a dedicated YouTube app on her laptop?

Allow me to rant for a moment. The YouTube app is a perfect example. The YouTube app is on the other platforms as a crutch. It’s there to give functionality that would otherwise not be there. When users of these platforms see it is not there on BlackBerry 10, they immediately assume it is a missing feature. When in fact, it is proof that BlackBerry 10 does not need that crutch. BlackBerry 10 can walk on it’s own thank you. And I will enjoy YouTube on my phone exactly how I do on my computer, the way it was meant to be. Not through some little app that will allow you to see something that your phone otherwise could not do!

Poor Orpha is missing out on so much. And the sad thing is, she doesn’t know it.


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  • flatman

    Nailed it. Thanks Brad.
    “The truth is out there” in front of their face.

  • G-bone

    Brad, you are so right!
    I saw the title of her article and thought, “the stupid are still alive and well. ”
    Glad you laid it all out.


  • jrohland

    My Z30 has an icon labeled YouTube. Yes we know it just opens the wonderful browser to YouTube. But a non-tech blogger might not know the difference. However, YouTube is integrated into the Share option and Share takes BB10 to a level those other devices could only dream of–Google service or no.

  • BB Racer !!

    Correct BlackBerry 10 has best of both worlds when it comes to Youtube. As a musician I use the Fast Tube APP from BB World for all my vid. sharing along with saving 3 Youtube Channels onto my home screen into a folder called yup…….. ” Youtube ” Sorry I am a musician and a Youtube daily junkie and BB10 does it best .

  • Anthony

    When Blends is launched BB10 users can access their device from a web browser. It will be better than Google services locco_smiley_28