We Are BlackBerry


Announcing the new campaign brought to us by the BlackBerry Community, We Are BlackBerry!

The BlackBerry smartphone, and it’s unparalleled communication abilities ushered in a new era in social interaction, which led to what I still believe to be one of the best communities on the web. As BlackBerry readies itself for the fight we’ve all been waiting for, it’s time for us to show our loyalties, show our support, and claim our place in what is soon to be, once again, a growing community.

Starting today, we’re invited to start utilizing the We Are BlackBerry community badge and hashtag to show our support. An update it rolling out the the BProfile app, which will include a stamp of We Are BlackBerry to be used on our profile pictures across our various social medias. We Are BlackBerry wallpapers are ready to go in the Decor-Wallpapers HD App. Please be sure to visit the We Are BlackBerry landing page for direct links to the current apps that are supporting the campaign, and for any future goodies, and join the We Are BlackBerry BBM Channel as well.

#WeAreBlackBerry, are you?


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