Wayno’s Weekly BBM Sticker Post #5

Welcome to this week’s Wayno’s Weekly BBM Sticker Post. This week we only saw 3 sticker packs released. These ones are all free and all by the well known sticker creator Susilo Saptoady.

This week we have:

Ekspresi Cantik Mini Pack by Susilo Saptoady


Orang Gila also by Susilo Saptoady

And finally, Nepal Senang Saya Susah by Susilo Saptoady

So click the links above and get to sharing these great sticker packs!! Enjoy.


Long time lover of all things BlackBerry, from the Bold 9000 thru to the Passport and now the Priv. Always dreaming of the next new BlackBerry to add to my collection. Had the rest, now got the best!