Wayno’s Weekly BBM Sticker Post No 9

First off, we’d like to wish all our readers here at UTB a very safe and Happy Easter. Week No 9 sees quite a few sticker packs released and these ones are all FREE. Some are especially for Easter but there are a few standard packs as well. Click the links below to grab any or all of these sticker packs.

BBM Family Easter Special by BBM

No 9

Happy Easter by Meemo

Easter Bunny by Frulili

No 9

LPG 3kg by Eroel Cho

Malam Keramat by Susilo Saptoady

Madura Masalembu by Eroel Cho

Mister Jomblo by Eroel Cho

Furaiman by KMK Studios

Cowok Random by Eroel Cho

Cowok Alay by Eroel Cho

And finally Aunt Bibi again by Eroel Cho

Well that’s it for this week folks, be sure to join me next week for more great sticker packs. Have a great Easter!!