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Do you own an Android or iPhone device? Would you like someone you don’t know taking pictures from your camera remotely? Of you or your friends?Recording your phone calls? Listening in to your conversations while the phone is sat on the table in front of you?

Well, if you are fine with this, don’t read on…


If you think this is a BAD idea (and anyone with a brain would since context is a wonderful thing) then maybe this little video might make you think again about why mobile security isn’t such a boring subject. The BBC found that with Hacker Team’s methodology now blown apart all over the web for anyone to get hold of that:

Surveillance software which can snoop on mobiles, tablets and PCs was stolen from the vendors, Hacking Team, last month.
The attackers published the software on several internet sites making it openly available to download. UK Security firm, 4Armed, gave BBC Click’s Dan Simmons a live demonstration of the mobile phone spyware that has been sold to more than 30 governments and intelligence

Yep. It’s that easy.

Oh, and here’s the fun bit. An iPhonian really did comment the following:

The best advice is to buy an iPhone!

F**k Android!

Yeah, why not give them your fingerprint too whilst you’re at it.

Oh…. dear… God….

The answer is, of course, simple.



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