Watch The BlackBerry Venice In Action – Android BlackBerry or BlackBerry Android?


Here’s our first look at the new Venice in action (running Android). Over at Baka Mobile they got their hands on an evaluation device and you’ll notice a few things.

The hardware looks great. Based on the Passport it’s thin, has the capacitive touch enabled keyboard and, according to this reviewer it’s weighted perfectly. The camera and speaker look beefy and it’s got a classy BlackBerry look and feel.

The software? Well, it’s Android alright so there’s a step backwards but within that there’s the BlackBerry Experience stuff, the Hub is there (although seems to be more of an app) and those Play services all easily accessible.

It sort of left me thinking, how much different is this to BlackBerry 10 running Google Play Services? Is this more of a hybrid than we thought? Is this a BlackBerry Android or an Android BlackBerry?

What, of course, is fascinating is how some Androidians are going to be falling over themselves to get a hold of what they could have had in he first place – only better. It’s the most innovative thing to hit Androidia for a couple of years, that’s for sure.

Either way, I hope and pray for a BlackBerry 10 version.

Take a look for yourselves:


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