Watch as Security Camera Catches an iPhone Explode

I’d love to know the whole story behind this.

Unfortunately, there is little to no information behind this video. The video is described as security camera footage which catches an iPhone exploding in a Viet Nam hair salon.

We do not see the phone actually explode, but we see from the bottom edge of the video what appears to be a rather massive fireball. The latter part of the video is obviously filmed with another camera, perhaps the phone we see one of the people in the video pull out of his pocket as he walks over to the lower screen?

In the second part of the video we see what is left of the phone. From all appearances, it appears to be the burnt out husk of an iPhone. Perhaps a 6? It looks authentic to me, however iPhone fans have of course taken to the comments of the video to claim that this was a knock-off phone. Why? Well, because iPhone fans would never believe that iPhones blow up. Even though there has been a history of that happening fairly regularly. Just in the last few weeks we have seen three iPhones blow up in Apple stores as employees attempted to repair user’s phones.

The time stamp on the security camera is dated January 25th, so this would make 4 iPhones blowing up within the last month. That is not the most comforting of figures.

security camera iPhone explode

Source: YouTube


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