Watch Netflix’s Next Gen Official Trailer

Netflix get’s it’s own CGI robot cartoon, and it actually looks pretty good.

Netflix has been bringing some really exciting original and exclusive content to it’s users. Series like Stranger Things are instant classics, and recently, Extinction was a really good sci-fi movie that brought a surprising and welcome twist. Now, Netflix is bringing a CGI cartoon about a kid and a robot with Next Gen.

Honestly, the movie doesn’t look like it will be breaking new ground, but visually, it looks much better than I was expecting. There are plenty of series and movies that utilize CGI animation now, and anyone that has watched a Pixar movie will be nothing but disappointed in the budget CGI usually seen in those movies and series. And that was exactly what I was expecting from this movie. The trailer provides a pleasant surprise. It looks good. It looks really good.

As far as story? A little girl befriends a robot that it turns out will be humanities only hope as other robots turn bad. I wouldn’t say it’s breaking new ground in any sense, but it looks fun.

Next Gen starts streaming September 7th exclusively on Netflix. Will you be watching?


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